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In the TUNNEL!

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On the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. In one of the tunnels.


slow driver!

27th Aug 2008, 17:40

ookiine says:

There was some delay just before the tunnel that made me drive slow. The biker in front of me is really closer than it looks.

27th Aug 2008, 18:50

seaneeboy says:

So you were driving while taking this picture?

28th Aug 2008, 16:34

ookiine says:

It appears that I was...

28th Aug 2008, 16:54

seaneeboy says:

When then you're a bit thick then aren't you?

29th Aug 2008, 14:41

ookiine says:

If you don't like my picture, then don't view it.

At least I didn't fucking do it when I was going 60 mph in the first fucking tunnel!

29th Aug 2008, 14:45

seaneeboy says:

You can qualify it all you like, it was still a really selfish, dangerous thing to do.

29th Aug 2008, 15:06

ookiine says:

So, everytime I post a photo like this you're going to bitch about it?

29th Aug 2008, 15:11

seaneeboy says:

Yes :)

29th Aug 2008, 15:37

ookiine says:


29th Aug 2008, 15:48

JokerXL says:

It's his "thing" Ookiine, his mission.

14th Sep 2008, 07:20