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Gargoyle Versus Housecat

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I'm convinced the reason people used to carve roaring animal faces into the corners of their furniture was in effort to stop housecats from sharpening their claws on the legs and arms.

It's like those people in India that wear masks on the backs of their head in order to keep tigers from pouncing on them from behind.

I expect the efficacy was similar, though I have no guess to what extent it worked.

In fact, I think every reference to the need to repel "evil spirits" was a euphemism of a sort. For housecats, or maybe their larger cousins. But if you let on that it was housecats you were trying to repel or defend yourself from, you invited their retribution.

Gargoyles and other scary carvings? Repels housecats. Burning incense? Repels housecats. Crossing running water? Can't be done by housecats -- if it's farther than they can jump. Garlic on the windowsills? Repels housecats. Salt over the left shoulder? Repels housecats. Knocking on wood? Repels housecats.

A least in theory. If done right. Housecats don't like sudden loud noises. They don't like to lick garlic off their paws. They don't like to get their paws wet. I had a housecat that could be kept out of a room by having a fan blow across the doorway. Whether a gargoyle (or a mask on the back of the head) would work more than once I leave as an exercise for the reader.

I really hope there aren't any housecats reading this.


Posted by Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri

7th Oct 2008, 02:48   | tags:


shitake says:


8th Oct 2008, 00:10

jc1000000 says:

I love cats but hate sleeping at houses that smell of cats - it makes me scratch!

9th Oct 2008, 15:02

But most housecats can swim (rather well, ashkually). Although admittedly most prefer not to do so (so this comment is really a bit lame).

27th Oct 2008, 16:20

Okay, so it's a matter of preference rather than some core revulsion. It's a bit like telling them it's their turn to vacuum or do the dishes -- also a great way to make your housecats scarce for a while.... :)


1st Nov 2008, 14:05

Dhamaka says:

the housecat *who* owns me could get around all of these, I'm afraid..

15th Dec 2008, 19:17