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SE W800 Walkman

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Andy's new W800 which is really rocking our office right now. Its a phone, its a camera, its a Walkman!
12th Aug 2005, 15:56   | tags:


seaneeboy says:

Ooh! Look at that! is it nice?

12th Aug 2005, 15:57

BadJon2 says:

The cream and silver buttons work surprisingly well together.

12th Aug 2005, 16:02

o how lovely (*tqiddles fingers like a giddy schoolgirl)

12th Aug 2005, 16:05

Joe says:

is the lens cap on these motorised? i was looking at it the other day online and couldn't see a switch to open the camera

12th Aug 2005, 16:10

BadJon2 says:

No it is not motorised. I have the S700i which also has a lens cap. Both of these are operated manually but the slider on the W800 works much more smoothly, and is easier to get your fingers round. Opening the lens cap switches the unit to cam mode... oooh.

12th Aug 2005, 16:12

Joe says:

yeh I have an S700 too but i got the K750i a while ago, I just couldn't see a switch like the one on the S700.

SE are ruling with the camphone arena ATM in my opinion. I'm yet to see anything else that comes close
(famous last words)

12th Aug 2005, 16:15

BadJon2 says:

Bring on the Nokia N Series!

12th Aug 2005, 16:22

BadJon2 says:

12th Aug 2005, 16:26

technokitten says:

mmm, lovely :-)
I want one.

12th Aug 2005, 16:26

personally i think the SE are miles ahead. look at the k750i, even with the numerous faults, theyres till far better, its hand to work as a handset tech support specialist sometimes!!!

12th Aug 2005, 16:27

BadJon2 says:

Orange on Bond Street have a few right now. £60 on upgrade... not bad at all.

12th Aug 2005, 16:27

BadJon2 says:

...and for those of annoyed with O2's attitude and general denial about messing with our MMS might wanna think about going Orange. The W800 is a good excuse to swap, and O2 arent getting the W800 until October! Monkeys.

12th Aug 2005, 16:44

narg(narg-at-zoom-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Beautiful phone.

I like his old razr *hint hint*

14th Aug 2005, 20:01

Badjon2 says:

He's never gonna give it to you boy narg. MediEvilKevAnal is flogging it for him on eBay.

14th Aug 2005, 22:32

alfie says:

*whistles knowingly....

14th Aug 2005, 23:05

medievilknevil says:


15th Aug 2005, 09:16

kostika says:

That is one shiny phone. Ultra kool.

I'm with Joe about SE and camphones. Nokia will never compare as far as I'm concerned, but I have a "little" brand loyalty :o)

15th Aug 2005, 09:35

BadJon2 says:

But the interface and 3rd party software integration on SE phones just cannot match that of the Nokia, especially the Series 60. You can get so much cool 3rd party stuff for your Nokia. I had a 6600 and for functionality it still beats many current models.

Whats with brand loyalty do you work for SE Kostika?

15th Aug 2005, 11:44

alfie says:

I disagree Badjon, for me the SE nav is so second nature, and is more reliable than Nokias - yes you can get a lot of extra 3rd party stuff for nokia, but now that Java midp2 is fairly standard on higher end SE phones, I have HUUUGE amounts of excellent 3rd party stuff.

15th Aug 2005, 11:56

BadJon2 says:

HUUUGE amounts you say?

Can you give me a quick list of the good apps you have? Come on I need persuading.

15th Aug 2005, 16:05

mat says:

Technically, the Series 60 interface sucks - you're just used to it. Honestly. Looking at them both with my usability assessment hat on, SE's interface is way superior. Really, it is. I'm not just saying that becuase I'm an SE fanboy.

That said, the Nokia N90, that's what I'm a-waiting for. Zeiss optics!

There aren't any good apps for phones, imho - what do you want after a web browser and an email client? To be 100% honest, I've yet to see a J2ME app/game that's worth the time it takes to load it. So, convince me too, Alfie!

15th Aug 2005, 16:24

alfie says:

ok, I have:

remote desktop
RSS to go
Gmail checker
world clock
a good little email client

and then HUUUUUUUGE amounts of Java games,

Dexters lab (current addiction)

tbh, I havnt loaded that many apps onto the phone, but if there really are loads of java apps for the K700 / 750i out there.

15th Aug 2005, 16:26

mat says:

Yeah, but I already have a decent email client, as do ALL SE phones - built in (if secure IMAP ain't good enough for you, I don't know what is). I don't use gmail, I don't need a remote desktop, or a world clock, or an RSS aggregator. Webviewer isn't free, either. And isn't a patch on Opera mobile (why SE, why haven't you partnered with Opera yet??!).

Nor do I play games.

Unconvinced. :)

Got an SSH client?

15th Aug 2005, 16:32

BadJon2 says:


"used to it", Im using an SE s700 right now so actually Im fully used to the SE interface and still prefer the Nokia. Maybe its becuase I find the tools on the Series60 more powerful. You seem to have lower level access on them. Whereas more stuff is locked on the SE phones [like the damn camera click noise, man that makes it sound like a Fisher Price toy]. So perhaps usability isnt quite as important to me as the average user.

15th Aug 2005, 16:41

kostika says:

The sounds have never been hard to manage on the SE phones. Okay they locked the camera sound for one or two models. There were reasons for that, but they changed that.

I have a nokia for work. I hate it. The menua aren't intuitive and the buttons are annoying. Its jsut not comfortable for me to use menu-wise.

I may be a sony fanboy, but I'm a gadget geek too.

15th Aug 2005, 16:49

BadJon2 says:

A good example of a killer app for the s60 is TomTom Maps: London. I could fully guide myself from A-B in London with that...

[Im just waiting for someone to tell me thats available across platforms]

15th Aug 2005, 16:53

BadJon2 says:

And as for MIDP2 my understanding was that the device control you have programming with that is somewhat limited due to the constraints of the personal profile. Can any JAVA people comment on that one?

15th Aug 2005, 16:56

mat says:

The SE interface is simply, objectively, measureably better in terms of the way it works and the way it's laid out. It will work better (read: easier) for more people with less effort than the Nokia interface. That's not to say it's the best interface for you though. :)

In my experience, Nokias are so unintuitive to use I nearly threw a 6630 out the window the other day becuase I couldn't edit a contact. And I'm highly computer literate - I should not have to think and guess at options to do something on a mobile phone. That's bad interface design - the no1 rule with interfaces is "don't make the user think".

If SE decide to lock out features and do things like make the camera click (my S700 doesn't do that, but then it doesn't rotate images either), that's not really an interface issue, more software features. Sure, it's annoying and degrades your overall experience of using the phone, but the actual human-machine interface is the same (the feedback changes though).

15th Aug 2005, 16:57

BadJon2 says:

But on your point of how 'contacts' are easier to use on the SE... I have a problem with that. Ive discovered that you cant add an email to the address book without adding an associated phone number?! If you add it on its own this contact doesnt show up in the 'look up'. So your telling me that this is better?! I can only get around it by adding the email address and including a dummy phone number, THEN it shows up in 'look up'. Hello? Now thats a usability issue!

15th Aug 2005, 17:34

mat says:

I didn't say that contacts were easier to use on SE phones, I said I was having trouble editing one on a Nokia. One does not imply the other. Personally, I have contacts that are just email addresses on my S700, and they work perfectly well.

Regardless of that - you're talking about a software functionality problem, not an interface problem. I stand by my statement that, from an interface design point of view, the SE interface is better than the Nokia one. I'm not claiming that either is perfect, or free of annoyances, just that one is better than the other. The one you're most comfortable with may not be the one that I consider to be the best, and that's fine too. If you don't like SE phones so much, no-one's forcing you to use one.

15th Aug 2005, 17:46

BadJon2 says:

You said, he said... oh no I didnt, oh yes you did!

Do you do this for fun or professionally?

16th Aug 2005, 10:48

medievilknevil says:

um. what ARE you monkeys on about?

Both SE's and Nokias are used by loud stupid people on trains to inform other people not on trains that they are on trains.

16th Aug 2005, 10:53

BadJon2 says:

Good point. Thanks MedEvil.

16th Aug 2005, 10:54

Steve says:

I had a t681, and I hated it, there where to many things that where not done "right" I love the k750i, I wish it was 3g but apart from that it rocks.

My Nokia 6680 only comes out to go to work.

16th Aug 2005, 11:03

16th Aug 2005, 14:55

BadJon2 says:

F!cking handbags. MedEvilKevAnal Im gonna get you...

16th Aug 2005, 15:24

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