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This is Alphabeat

Win tickets for an Alphabeat gig near you!

If you could throw alphabeat a party, what would you do?

Just call 01512667520 and leave a message for the band saying what your party would be like, and it will be posted right here on their moblog.

The band are giving away a pair of tickets and backstage meet and greet at any of their UK shows to the fan that leaves the best message... Your messages will appear on this blog within minutes and Alphabeat will pick the best ones.

For details of gig locations click here.

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Norwich UEA Can you see yourself in Stine's photo? Prove it to us for a
chance to win an Ipod Touch filled with tour content!

Simply text a photo of yourself, the word beat at the start of the message *and* the gig you attended
to *07786 201241*, and if we recognise you we'll put you in the draw. You can also just email your pics in to: alphabeat (at) moblog (dot) net (replace at with @ etc of course).

Good Luck

Posted by weightwisecoach04

27th Oct 2008, 23:10  

Chantelle Browne(channyb5-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I'm the alphabeat stalker ;)
and I am in the 2nd photo in the far right corner ( can only see my head) haha <3

28th Oct 2008, 11:16

Joanna(Joannax-at-hotmial-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

I CAN JUST SEE ME ! (: yaaay!
Love you Alphabeat!

28th Oct 2008, 15:45

lewis(lewis-rocks--at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

yay i can just see me and my friend alex. it was so fun last night. did any one see my friend alex faint last night before they came on, poor girl couldnt see them

28th Oct 2008, 16:17

Rachel(rachey007-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

:D I Can See Me + Half Of My Arm :D:D:D

Looove Youu Alphabeat!!!!


28th Oct 2008, 16:55

Emilyyy says:


28th Oct 2008, 18:23

Vicki says:

I was back right, but you can't see me on here... =[
I was hoping my green camera would stand out =P

28th Oct 2008, 19:36

sam says:

this picture is like pure embarresing :L:L
one with the red top right at the front :L

29th Oct 2008, 14:57

Bellaz says:

i can see oliver and his HUGE bloack camera :L

29th Oct 2008, 14:58

Lindi says:

Oh yeah at the very front right corner :)
i look stupid but was such a great gig!!

30th Oct 2008, 18:47

andy says:

you can see me on the first photo near the centre but not on the second cos of the T-Shirt!
great gig tho!!!

31st Oct 2008, 15:15

Elliee says:

I am right at the front- the girl in the brown cardigan, hair up & cream dangly earrings. :)
slightly to the right of the middle x

16th Nov 2008, 19:56