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The Other Easter

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It's true. Every egg eventually hatches. Every seed eventually sprouts.

All those eggs in your fridge? Just give them time. They might not necessarily hatch into chickens, but they'll hatch. They'll crack. They'll hatch green smelly furry stuff. The fundamental stuff of life!

It's not their fault if they're not the sort of children a mother would love.

Likewise every seed we plant will sprout.

All throughout every town there are lovely little green gardens where we plant our most precious seeds, lovingly cleaned and sterilized and perfumed and wrapped and dressed and boxed in boxes inside boxes and buried deep deep deep.

Because the harder we make a seed work, the more surprising and beautiful the flower that eventually eventually eventually will burst forth.

A good seed loves a challenge. Formaldehyde, concrete and marble make a wonderful compost, a fantastic mulch. Tears are the best water we could sprinkle on our gardens. It's the pure water of love.

Has a single one of our most precious seeds sprouted yet? It's only a matter of time. I hope I'm around to see it when the crop finally comes up.

In the meanwhile, I carry these two eggs around in my pocket everywhere I go. I fertilized them myself.

All the time I daydream, wondering what my children will look like.



Happy Halloween!


Posted by Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri

31st Oct 2008, 03:13   | tags:


Dhamaka says:

wonderfully crooked
(I don't)

15th Dec 2008, 19:12