V10 meets H3

by taniwha

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Little monsters

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Halloween dinner tonight at a friend's house. I'm not sure why Griff keeps suggesting I should go as Frankenstein's monster but I think it's because I sometimes wear a suit to work.
31st Oct 2008, 17:40  

Alfie says:

monsters in training huh?

31st Oct 2008, 17:46

taniwha says:

Yeah and the way I threw the girl next door into a lake ...

31st Oct 2008, 17:46

nige says:

That is such a superb photo! I'd fave it twice if I could.

31st Oct 2008, 20:54

nige says:

I keep looking at this and I know what it is i love about it now. It has the feel of Apocalypse Now! Something about the facepaint and the "shrubbery" makes it very war-like. The connection with the eyes is mesmerising, too.

31st Oct 2008, 21:34

mara says:

GREAT! I like the dark in the background and the acid light in the foreground

31st Oct 2008, 23:23

fishsausage says:

does this mean they want ruth to copy elsa lancaster's hairstyle?

1st Nov 2008, 05:33

taniwha says:

Thank you all. They would stay still and so I could get rid of teh blur but then it makes them more ghostly.

Nige, you're right about Apocalypse Now. Griff looks like he's wearing a bandana and is one of the lime coated corpes in the camp. he was actually a pretty cool looking vampire.

Fishsausage - less Bride of Frankenstein and more evil cat.

1st Nov 2008, 09:22

PrincessJun says:

Fab photo - hope the night was a good one.

1st Nov 2008, 12:13

SuziQ says:

awesome... looks like the kids had a ball... very creative get ups... love the atmosphere of the lighting.. adds to the horror theme :) Great makeup.

2nd Nov 2008, 23:24

CHESO says:

Beautiful monsters!

4th Nov 2008, 01:14

taniwha says:

Thanks all. I think they did have a nice time. They also engaged in a little light trick or treating with our known neighbours. I was surprised that most were not at home to visitors that night.

4th Nov 2008, 14:07

*waves (again)

5th Nov 2008, 22:35

MaggieD says:

Ace pic, and yes there is a real feel of Apocalypse Now :)

7th Nov 2008, 17:15