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Maggie's book royalties

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The royalties check arrived from "Blurb" this morning!
Only about six months late, but still. Hooraaaay!!
Maggie's drawings have earned €157.00 (so far) for the Elimination of Leukaemia Fund.
Here's the LINK to the original post, if anyone's not sure what this is about.

The book's still available, the link to Blurb's bookstore is on the post at the end of the above link.

Now I just have to figure a way of getting this to the ELF account without incurring huge international transaction costs. It's a personal check, can I just cash it over the counter at any bank? does it have to be RBS? then I could just pay it back over the counter into the ELF account.
Any suggestions anyone?
(it's been ages since I've had to deal with a paper check)
31st Oct 2008, 20:36   | tags:,


goode says:

erm chances are without an agreement you would't be able to cash it at the RBS what sort of charges would be incurred?

Can;t you put it in your bank, then transfer funds to the next account?

I have no idea about cheques abroad,,,,

31st Oct 2008, 20:46

goode says:

oh and way to go!

31st Oct 2008, 20:46

JokerXL says:

I could pay it into my Dutch account, no problem, but there would be costs involved in that (international bank transfers) and then transferring it into the ELF account would be another international transaction (more costs)

31st Oct 2008, 20:52

JokerXL says:


31st Oct 2008, 22:38

JokerXL says:

In Scotland it might be a "Sheque" or a "Sjek" (just to be different)

31st Oct 2008, 22:43

JokerXL says:

In Ireland it would be a thousand euro fine, at least!

1st Nov 2008, 08:11

Dhamaka NLI (laptop dead) says:

I used to pay money into my account in the Netherlands and take it out in a UK cash machine...

1st Nov 2008, 08:54

Geodyne says:

That's brilliant, Joker!

1st Nov 2008, 10:28

Puddlepuff says:


1st Nov 2008, 10:36

Good idea Puff!
I could sell you a couple of pigeons....

1st Nov 2008, 12:27

JokerXL says:

Are you suggesting I tie little packages with money onto pigeon's legs and send them off in the direction of ELF?

Hmmmm, could work!

1st Nov 2008, 13:59


As the cheque is drawn in Euro there shouldn't be any charges if you pay it in to your account at home. They only usually make charges for converting £ to $ etc.

1st Nov 2008, 16:02

says payable only in great britain...

7th Nov 2008, 14:34

MaggieD says:

OMG, I have only just caught up with this .... thanks so much Marty :)

7th Nov 2008, 16:56