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Jane Doe says:

Is the real Oscar fully mobile now?

3rd Nov 2008, 19:13

Loving the 80's leg warmers!

3rd Nov 2008, 20:02

hildegard says:

JD - Oscar's always going to have a bit of instability in that knee but trust me, he's mobile alright...

They're certainly striking SFG, & as anyone with a brand-new pair of Kickers could tell you, the 80s do seem to be back in full force. ;)

3rd Nov 2008, 20:22

Viv says:

I think in time it could be the norm
In my youth dogs roamed the streets

3rd Nov 2008, 20:38

javaboy says:

Like the lead. Easy to put on?!

4th Nov 2008, 12:54

hildegard says:

Apparently he started going out like this when very young indeed so he's quite blasé about his harness now.

Have been considering one for Oscar, suspect there'd be some blogging value in the attempt, even if no actual outing proved possible...

4th Nov 2008, 14:20

OJ says:


V bought one of these for Miss Teazle a couple of years ago (she was getting a bit portly).

Miss Teazle submitted to having the thing put on and then resolutely parked her ample bottom and would go nowhere until it was taken off again.

Does it count as entertaining your cat?

4th Nov 2008, 16:07

hildegard says:

Suspect similar results might be achieved with Oscar, but his methods of communication are likely to be more violent that those of Ms T.

The wee chap certainly seemed to be getting a lot of stimulation from exploring. Most endearing bit was his search for the best surface to use as a scratching post. Disappointed by limestone in the first pic, he really went to town on that trestle table. :)

5th Nov 2008, 00:19

frog51 says:

Very cute - we used to walk our old cat Braveheart on a leash, just so he could see things in other towns (much happier than putting him in a cattery!)

5th Nov 2008, 21:38

hildegard says:

Heh - c'mon, fess up; you just couldn't bring yourselves to leave him at home, could you?

Have no such worries about Oscar - they're very fond of him at his vet's & he comes back from their cattery positively glowing with health and just a little portlier than when he went in. I don't think he pines. ;)

5th Nov 2008, 22:29

MaggieD says:

I'm with SFG on the leg warmers :)
... and that is one handsome looking cat

14th Nov 2008, 16:49