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Very short stories to read at the bus stop.

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A Lady Gallant

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"There's a note here for you, sir." I asked the waitress "Where did you get that black eye?" She burst into tears and there were shreds of paper everywhere, she said "Read the note."

In spite of the situation I am thinking what an all-round good person this fireman is. "There's not much left." He shows me a burning piece of paper and in silence we watch it eat itself.

When I am awake in this World it is because she dreams of me sleeping so that is why we are destined never to meet here, she's not the only one who dreams.

I used to come to this place years ago, the past is like the sinking bottom of a cup but I don't remember once being kissed by a man before, afterwards he said "It was from her."

"Some sort of note…" the old woman had hard fields and harder work to plough up a memory "Let me see…" The minutes were flashing past her like tunnel lights. She said "What's the password?"

I said, "Read me."

Posted by louis

22nd Nov 2008, 00:54  


shitake says:

Wow! :up::)

22nd Nov 2008, 05:56

jc1000000 says:

Absolutely *love* this story. The style reminds me of so many things but i cant pin any of them down. And i dont understand how it seems continuous and simultaneously multiple stories at once. A bit like life... and dreams. Wonderful.

22nd Nov 2008, 21:53

shitake says:

Exactly! :)And the same that photo! :)

22nd Nov 2008, 22:27