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Thanksgiving Fun at The Reliance - 27.11.08

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Martin, Selga, Nick, Mary and I went to Reliance (again!) and steak, sausage and mash, lamb Henry, beet salad, squash crumble, pheasant, cheesecake, cheese BOARD, pecan pie, rum wine and beeeeer were consumed. We all clinked glasses and had far too many belly laughs, and then Mary lit our sparklers and we skipped down the street shouting "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!" Then we went to the cinema but I didn't take any pictures of that cos it's illegal.


Helen says:

Hello! From my powers of deduction, I believe you must be Lauren.

28th Nov 2008, 11:12

shaaark says:

Herror! I am indeed the one and only Lauren! Well, not the absolute one and only Lauren. But the only one that *really* matters. =)

28th Nov 2008, 11:58

I was surprised when I discovered last night that you guys haven't met yet. We must fix this!

28th Nov 2008, 14:54

crickson says:

NCM> Trying to import a new holiday? My hairdresser/stylist/cutter was astonished that Thanksgiving wasn't celebrated in Britain.

28th Nov 2008, 15:04

Helen says:

Quiz? Sunday?

29th Nov 2008, 13:03

shaaark says:

Dizzamn, it's my mother's birthday tonight and we are having a Brazilian meal. Stupid parents and their stupid birthdays! Definitely some time soon though. (Dad's birthday next weekend though, and it's his 50th. I couldn't ditch him for the quiz...... could I?)

30th Nov 2008, 17:33

Helen says:

Family's holding me hostage next weekend anyway. In a cottage. By the sea.

Maybe sometime before Christmas.

30th Nov 2008, 22:09

I think the weekend after is a good one.. 21st? Reckon we'll all be around except Selga *cry*. That'll be the christmas quiz. Big prize hamper!

2nd Dec 2008, 19:14

Helen says:

Perhaps. Joe's in town that day, we could see how useless he is at quizzes! Would be a good evening to get anyone that's in town together, before they run off to wherever they're going for Christmas.

I am also free next Sunday -- 14th.

3rd Dec 2008, 10:20

Oh, that's a lovely idea. Pre Christmas get together and quiz!

4th Dec 2008, 14:07

(am going to Whitby with Lol for winter seaside shenanigans on the 14th)

4th Dec 2008, 14:08

Helen says:

OK, 21st Christmas Quiz it is. As long as they're having one.

9th Dec 2008, 23:44