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Boob Sorbet @ Las Iguanas

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Dessert arrived at my mum's birthday dinner, Selga had ordered a sorbet trio and one looked suspiciously like a boob complete with raspberry nip.

Not pictured are my mum's black figs which looked like wrinkled bollocks, and my dad's Iguana Banana, well, you can guess what kind of laughing occurred when Selga and I got going on our "rude body part desserts" game.

The silent, crying type of laughter. Where it hurts your already satiated tummy!


What on earth is *this*?

1st Dec 2008, 15:47

shaaark says:

Selga's Boob Sorbet! That's how it came. Ew!

1st Dec 2008, 15:52

Oh, man, from the description I would almost *almost* have given up seeing Leonard Cohen to come to this dinner party.

1st Dec 2008, 20:46

shaaark says:

Not that it would EVER come to this, but I might have to ration my Selga time because my stomach cannot handle any more laughs. If I was skinner I'd have such a good six-pack by now.

1st Dec 2008, 20:47

No no, I'm thinking *more* Selga time is required.

1st Dec 2008, 23:02

beth says:

selga gets to come to your family gatherings already? wooah she works fast huh?

2nd Dec 2008, 01:04

shaaark says:

My mum said she's like the daughter they never had.

2nd Dec 2008, 07:27

what does that make you? the son with boobs?

2nd Dec 2008, 18:25

shaaark says:

I daren't ask =(

3rd Dec 2008, 11:29