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Even princesses take fag breaks

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14th Dec 2008, 02:40   | tags:,,,

factotum says:

I hope she likes this - candid and honest and a touch of levity and humour....

14th Dec 2008, 03:06

nige says:

Thanks facto. She really likes this one, which surprised me initially, but she's an unpretentious person, and very real, so this is actually in keeping with her character. I'm glad she picked it out as I really like it too, despite the lighting error.

14th Dec 2008, 03:21

mara says:

wonderful nige

14th Dec 2008, 07:32

OCD Sprocket says:

tis rather nice :-)

14th Dec 2008, 08:01

Wendle says:

Pretty cool. I likes!

14th Dec 2008, 08:46

Dhamaka says:

it's a nice shot

14th Dec 2008, 10:02

taniwha says:

Keep make lighting errors Nige. Very noir and startling.

14th Dec 2008, 10:30

nige says:

:) thanks everyone.

14th Dec 2008, 10:40

SLG says:

actually the 'ligting error adds to it being a great shot, makes it seem more surreptitious

Edit : and I clearly cant spell!!!!!

14th Dec 2008, 11:05

Viv says:

yes it adds to the reality factor - good one

14th Dec 2008, 11:34

OJ says:

It is a fab shot - very candid. And I didn't notice the lighting error. I thought she was meant to be ghostly.

14th Dec 2008, 11:34

nige says:

SLG, Viv, OJ - Thanks, and thanks for the highlight :)

14th Dec 2008, 12:21

swamprose says:

the lighting error? people in my class strive for this.

good one.

14th Dec 2008, 13:30

nige says:

; )

14th Dec 2008, 13:40

Desaparecido says:

very nice. turns out mistakes are actually beautiful - who knew?

14th Dec 2008, 17:23

MaggieD says:

Ace shot Nige

14th Dec 2008, 18:52

Caine says:

40s style chic. Very nice.

14th Dec 2008, 22:40

nige says:

Who knew indeed FD? Thanks :)

Thanks Maggie & Caine ; )

14th Dec 2008, 23:21

lps says:

What a great error! It makes the shot even better!

15th Dec 2008, 23:20

hype says:

moment well captured. she scares me a little though.

17th Dec 2008, 16:52

nige says:

Cheers. It's all in her eyes I think.

18th Dec 2008, 00:00