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This is an article that appeared in the local paper last week.
Bill & Yvonne, and their daughter Robin have been friends of mine for ages, nearly 25 years, Bill and I served together in the army in Germany. They live just down the road, here in Zevenaar, and we see far too little of each other.
The paper is doing a series of "random" interviews of people in the town who live on the corner of streets (no, not in a cardboard box).
The title of this piece is "In love with anything old and that has a story behind it"
That's our Bill, he'll be 50 next week.
22nd Dec 2008, 19:20  


MaggieD says:

Barry, 50, Yvonne, 43, Robin 17 .... I wish there was a numerical equation that drew them all together .... but hey, if not maths, then it has to be LOVE ;)

22nd Dec 2008, 20:10

JokerXL says:


"In love with everything that's old and has a story"

Walk through the KostschoolLaan in Zevenaar and you can't miss it. A connoisseur lives at number 1.
She opens the door with the cat in her arms; Yvonne Cornelissen. Well, actually her name's Barry. Twenty years ago she married the Irishman William Barry. Inside, curled-up on the sofa, daughter Robin is drinking tea. "the average Dutch house doesn't look like this," she says, dryly. Dozens of Crucifixes Watch down benignly from the ochre-yellow wall behind her, while she lights up a cigarette and dunks another biscuit in her tea.
"The urge to collect only started three years ago", Yvonne explains."I think it's awful, those people who want nothing on their walls. Stuff that I say. If the whole world wants to be minimalistic then I'll go on and decorate it."
It was to be crucifixes. She points to one of the statues, a Jesus-figure made in enamel. "That one, for example. I bet he was a really sweet man."
The collection has now grown to over a hundred items. Pride of place is a large statue of Mary worth €180,- that William once bought for her.
Yvonne: "He spoils me, I usually choose the cheaper ones. As long as it's old and has a history, then I'll like it."
She met her husband over twenty years ago in a pub in Zevenaar. "He was a soldier, but he wore a broken rifle on his lapel."
Barry was immediately smitten by the young English teacher. The fact that she was Catholic and he an Irish Protestant from Belfast, only made their love stronger. "Don't tell them I'm Catholic, I said to him during my first visit to his family. Bloody Sunday was still fresh in people's memories. 'By the way mum, she's a Catholic', he said straight away - typical William. 'I don't give a shite', his mother said, 'whether she was a Hindu. Would you like a cup of tea my dear?'.
She's lived at #1 for nearly twenty years now. She points out of the window: "This view, isn't it just like Amsterdam? and the walls of this house, they are made of wattle-and-daub, isn't that great?"

22nd Dec 2008, 20:12

MaggieD says:

Hahaha! Raymond Chandler in cloggs:)

Love it :)

22nd Dec 2008, 20:21

Dhamaka says:

wat lief


23rd Dec 2008, 00:07

Paddington says:

A good reporter !

Vonny shines through the print.

23rd Dec 2008, 00:50

kyoob says:


23rd Dec 2008, 09:33

billion says:

randomly selected people chosen for a probing interview? sounds quite similar to moblog's own interview52!

23rd Dec 2008, 13:15

Bill says:

Thanks for that Marty, my brother was whingeing because it was in Dutch.What else did he expect in a Dutch newspaper.

23rd Dec 2008, 17:15

JokerXL says:

"What else did he expect in a Dutch newspaper."

(oh, no, that's the Super-Soaraway-Sun)


23rd Dec 2008, 19:57