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17th Aug 2005, 14:56   | tags:

Steve says:

I love those lamp shades from habitat

17th Aug 2005, 15:43

mat says:

they do look great, but have you ever tried changing the bulb in one?

bloody tricky.

17th Aug 2005, 18:42

Steve says:

My ex made it look beautiful, then I changed the bulb and spoiled it, she had to make with the Feng shwe (however it's spelt) to make it look good again

17th Aug 2005, 18:45

mat says:

Feng Shui. ALLEGEDLY after Dr Feng and Mr Shui, who invented the whole thing in the sixties to seperate the credulous from their money. Unsure how true that is. Nothing on snopes, more info appreciated from anyone who knows.

17th Aug 2005, 18:50

alexis says:

"The oldest known Feng Shui device consists of a two-sided board with astronomical sightlines. Liuren astrolabes have been unearthed from Qin-era tombs at Wangjiatai and Zhoujiatai. These devices date between 278 BC and 209 BC"
see that, yet?
no clue as to any of it being actual fact though... downfall of the internet as a source.
would look more up on that specific quote to find out, though. probably come up with something.

this is good, too.
"Classical Feng Shui is still considered important in some segments of modern Chinese culture, especially Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is less common among educated Chinese in the People's Republic of China as it is often thought of as peasant superstition. Since the mid-20th century, it has been illegal in the PRC because of the propensity for fraud. This all came about because of the Cultural Revolution that set about destroying most of the old culture of China. It has been kept alive in books and practitioners in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In the 1960s, Feng Shui was introduced in the West. Regardless of the country of practice, East or West, businesses typically use Feng Shui to increase sales and boost morale. Homeowners have come to use Feng Shui in an attempt to bring peace and harmony to their surroundings."

17th Aug 2005, 19:12