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Happy New Year everybody

As of today "JokerXL productions" is a fact!

Went down to the chamber of commerce in Arnhem yesterday and registered
myself as a company.
There's a lot more involved than I might have imagined and I'll have to get
down to learning the ins and outs of it all.
Exhibition opens tomorrow for nine weeks.
All sorted, ready to go. Once I get the opening night out of the way I can
go back to being a trucker again and it'll all take care of itself (yeah,

I'll have to get a little sign made up "Managing Director" and put it in my
driveway for my parking space, well, there should be some perks!
1st Jan 2009, 10:30  


Dhamaka says:

wtg and I hope to see it soon

1st Jan 2009, 11:38


You can't beat working for yourself!

HNY to you both

1st Jan 2009, 14:54

JokerXL says:

Cheers guys, c'mon over!
(not quite working for myself SirFG, yet)

1st Jan 2009, 17:53

JokerXL says:

Scary huh Mandy?
(actually, I'm roasting a pheasant in the oven right now, at this very moment, and that is much more scaryer!)


1st Jan 2009, 18:09

nige says:

Congrats man!

1st Jan 2009, 19:21

JokerXL says:

1st Jan 2009, 20:10

Jane Doe says:

That's great!

1st Jan 2009, 22:46

nige says:

I'd love to Joker, but I let Geo know that i'm going to be away at that time (doing photography stuff too, as it happens), so I'm still yet to make it to one of her famous spreads! :(

2nd Jan 2009, 17:30