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Very short stories to read at the bus stop.

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I have only two speeds
- With you, with him, with everyone. It's resting or full speed ahead. No half way house, no reason. It's just 'stop' or 'go'

I have only two speeds
- My default emotion is love. The other’s unthinkable

I have only two speeds
- You react to my love as if stung, act as if I’ve singled you out. The truth's the reverse. You came here for me

I have only two speeds
- You are not my lover, never have been. Understand this; whether in true love or friendship; slowly is not, can not, will never be my way

I have only two speeds
- Honesty. Consideration. I have no choice. I can only hurt those I love if I must do so to survive

I have only two speeds
- Friend or foe, I love you. I strive to understand. I honour or ignore you. I act one way or another, assume empathy or indifference. That's camouflage. Self protection. Not me.

I have only two speeds
- And when he comes, my Lover, when he arrives from the random noise, from the music, from the daubs of colour on the sand,when he comes from the soil, from the Earth itself, maybe then you'll understand

I have only two speeds
- Love freely given can't be undone. It's never lost. It can grow, stay the same or be killed. When he arrives and the pitch and volume of the voices start to swell, when the oohs, and aahs start to rise from the pavement, when the sounds sing from the paper, the colours from the numbers, when the letters shout and speech shines bright on the sidewalk, maybe then you'll understand. For us, for sure, they'll no longer be unintelligible. They'll be a symphony to life, to our senses, to synaesthesia and to love

I have only two speeds
- Don’t cross my wires. I know I'm not normal. Spending time at a friend’s house makes the fact no clearer than when I spend time alone

I have only two speeds
- Don’t tell them I told you. My love means the scream of your scratch on my psychie will scar me forever. The fall-out could scar you as well

I have only two speeds
- You came for me. Now help me. Do what you came for and paint me my future. Make the sounds good. Make the lines deep. Make them clean and - if we were ever friends - make them true

I have only two speeds
- But only ever one direction. It appears that I'm facing away from you

Now go

Posted by Dhamaka

16th Jan 2009, 23:39  


*stunned silence*


*wild applause*

This totally deserved the time I took to find a quiet moment to read it.


18th Jan 2009, 07:56

Dhamaka says:

you have no idea how much it means to me to read that.

Like the first microhappy I wrote (I had believed I was writing about Luck right up until I realised that it would only work if I was talking about inspiration) I started with one idea and the story took a shape of its own. I've been so nervous waiting to see what you'd say!

18th Jan 2009, 08:40


*look forward to discussing this one over a cup of rocket fuel*

18th Jan 2009, 12:11

SLG says:

I very much enjoyed reading this post. It is very powerful for all kinds of reasons. having re-read it a third time it is also a tremendously empowering piece :-)

18th Jan 2009, 17:22

queserasara says:

Still sitting here in stunned silence. I've read this twice now & agree totally with Lou it's completely empowering & just what I needed to read today! Amazing piece.

18th Jan 2009, 17:29

Dhamaka says:

Wow! Empowering = praise indeed. Thank you both. I'm so relieved!

Sprocket Man - any time :)

18th Jan 2009, 17:48

MaggieD says:

As soon as I read the opening words I knew this was you ... a mixed reaction from me, next time we meet we could chat about it ..... tea being the 'rocket fuel' of choice .....

18th Jan 2009, 23:21

Dhamaka NLI says:

That'd be great Maggie, although I might have forgotten the way this piece grew by the next time we meet

18th Jan 2009, 23:44

Dhamaka NLI says:

for the record (ie so I don't lose it) one of my journalist friends has said that this is too long in the build-up and that one verse is so long that the momentum's lost

20th Jan 2009, 08:42