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Not that kind of dogging. Really!

Logging the dog walking with vlkgps on phone, visualisation using vikingGIS on desktop computer.

Images show: satellite map, speed/time, elevation/distance in that order.
21st Jan 2009, 16:38   | tags:,

martwine says:

looking pretty hilly for Norfolk there! What's the significance of the red dots vs the blue bits?

22nd Jan 2009, 11:43

Puddlepuff says:

He goes out on his own?

22nd Jan 2009, 11:58

mat says:

Red dots are data points, I think. Blue bits are averages - there tend to be extreme peaks when the gps spazzes a bit (I never did anything at 47km/h, for example) and I suspect Viking is flattening those out.

Altitude isn't GPS's strongest point, unless you have either an altitude-capable sensor (I don't), or DEM data in yer vis. I did try to download the synthetic aperture radar scans of My Area off the internets for getting alt info from, but it didn't seem to work.

Puff - he probably would, as it goes - but too many Big Roads nearby for me to dare try. He's quite good at Road Drill (sit at side, wait for cars to go, cross carefully), but I don't think he'd stick to it on his own.

22nd Jan 2009, 12:17

Puddlepuff says:

Could be a nice little project though.

I have seen this little project with a cat once. They put a small camera around it's neck and take random shots every couple of minutes.

22nd Jan 2009, 14:40

FilbertFox says:

"synthetic aperture radar" please translate, I only understand English

23rd Jan 2009, 07:59

Puddlepuff says:


A system that uses electromagnetic waves to identify the range, altitude, direction, or speed of both moving and fixed objects, by a fiber not made from natural (animal, plant) materials that determines the cone angle of a bundle of rays.

Or summink or nuthink.

23rd Jan 2009, 08:34

FilbertFox says:

clear as mud now, thanks

23rd Jan 2009, 08:47

Puddlepuff says:

Your welcome!

23rd Jan 2009, 08:52

swamprose says:

the bottom two look like images of exactly how a great walk goes--the red bubbly general joy part, and the blue is sniffy ground messaging.

24th Jan 2009, 14:01

Viv says:

Yeah for swamprose's interpretation!! :)

13th Mar 2009, 17:11