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Messing with cambridge

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Some planet-pano's and HDR images of various bits of Cambridge.
The product of not having that much to do this week.
Jeeze, who am I kidding, there are at least three websites that need my immediate attention, a web-shop that's going nowhere lately and a shed load of stuff that needs organising, backing up and clearing out cq deleting.
(but this is more fun)
24th Jan 2009, 09:40  


Twiglet says:

Oi you! Leave Cambridge alone!

24th Jan 2009, 09:51

Steve says:

Number 2 is my favourite. What are you using for the effect?

24th Jan 2009, 10:22

Dhamaka says:

very nice 'messing'

24th Jan 2009, 15:58

JokerXL says:

Cheers peeps.

The "Island" effect is a process in photoshop Steve.

Take a panorama image and make sure the left/right horizon edges are at exactly the same level, they need to match up later.
Change the Image dimentions so that it is square (not important how big) and invert the image (i.e. upsidedown, not negative)
Then use the Polar Coordinates filter on it (Filters - Distort - Polar Coordinates).
A bit of tidying-up, cropping maybe, rotate for effect, blur the sky a bit, sharpen up, check levels, dim the saturation some.

But don't tell anyone, this is just between you and me, don't want just anyone knowing my secrets.

24th Jan 2009, 16:14

MaggieD says:

We were in Cambridge at the same time, and just as we were entering King's College, I thought I detected a slight tremor in the time/space continuum ....

..... ace set of pics Joker, I am well impressed, and as to all that photoshop stuff, well, we all knew that already ;)

24th Jan 2009, 17:27

FilbertFox says:

i find these disturbingly enthralling

24th Jan 2009, 17:28

queserasara says:

Ahhh now it all makes sense - love the second one.

24th Jan 2009, 18:24

Mike says:

Hehee love it =D
2nd, 3rd and fifth are my fav's =]

26th Jan 2009, 17:38