V10 meets H3

by taniwha

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Cycling home

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I love snow. I was in my 20s before I'd seen proper snow and still find myself babbling to friends about how lovely I find it.

It was slow going on my bike but hardly treacherous. Was even able to whip off my gloves and camphone a few snaps on the way home.
2nd Feb 2009, 17:09   | tags:

mara says:


2nd Feb 2009, 17:19

harimanjaro says:

Ooh, a lovely sight.

2nd Feb 2009, 17:22

Javama says:

That is so lovely! WoW indeed!
I love snow too if I can walk and play in it. I hate having to go out in the car in it though.

2nd Feb 2009, 17:34

Javama says:

I know - fabulous is the word I was looking for. The picture is fabulous!

2nd Feb 2009, 17:35

minkey says:


2nd Feb 2009, 17:43

Caine says:

Beautiful shot! I'd love to be able to ship you all our snow. All 170+ cms of it.

2nd Feb 2009, 17:45

Wendle says:

Gorgeous and faved. So crisp and... oooooh gorgeous! :)

2nd Feb 2009, 17:53

MaggieD says:

Wow, yes, gorgeous is the word ...

2nd Feb 2009, 20:03

taniwha says:

Thank you all. It was so looking forwards to the cycle home so I could just enjoy it. It does transform the world. But Caine, I wonder if I would like your snow as much ...

2nd Feb 2009, 20:07

Jane Doe says:

You're brave! Lovely shot

2nd Feb 2009, 21:05

540air says:

That's lovely and a much more pleasant looking ride home than my one :)

3rd Feb 2009, 09:53

PrincessJun says:

lovely shot - weird to see a complete reversal in the country with the southern part of the UK getting all the snow!

3rd Feb 2009, 12:18

taniwha says:

Thanks all. It really is a delight to cycle home.

PJ - I think its about time we got your share ... could we borrow your snow ploughs?

4th Feb 2009, 11:39

nige says:

That is so so gorgeous.

4th Feb 2009, 12:38

taniwha says:

Thanks Nige. Sometimes the camphone does okay.

Thanks highlighting fairy.

4th Feb 2009, 12:40

Earthlad says:

Truly a beautifull scene. I myself luv the snow and brings out the child again :-)

4th Feb 2009, 14:33

Dhamaka says:

wow this is gorgeous - I'm envious - it is so icy here!

faved btw

4th Feb 2009, 19:25



4th Feb 2009, 20:35

taniwha says:

Today wasn't so powdery. Lots of compacted snow and ice. Tricky.

4th Feb 2009, 20:52

Dhamaka says:

like here
decided that canalside rides were not sensible this week

4th Feb 2009, 21:14

taniwha says:

I've fallen in before but felt drawn to it.

4th Feb 2009, 21:16

Dhamaka says:

good for you - I worry for my laptop and camera (currently borrowed from Carpe)

4th Feb 2009, 21:35

EJ says:

This is just beautiful. We've not had any snow where I am, I'm loving all the wintery shots

4th Feb 2009, 22:11

Jesson says:

This is stunningly beautiful. Has a very unreal feel to those of us hiding in a/c from the 40C temp in Sydney.

5th Feb 2009, 05:47

Geodyne says:

Wow, this is seriously gorgeous. What a lovely trip home, however slippery.

5th Feb 2009, 15:53

Toddy says:

Wonderful shot

5th Feb 2009, 20:34

madison says:

Amazing! I wish to feel the snow in place like this one day. Rarely snow here in Brazil... :( Congratulations for the picture.

6th Feb 2009, 01:03

nige says:

I keep coming back to this. It's so crisp.

7th Feb 2009, 09:43