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Very short stories to read at the bus stop.

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Toilet Seats

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They called it a B&B;, but really it was a hostel for the homeless. By
the time he got there, he no longer cared. The woman in the woolly
cardigan showed him around.
"Why is there no toilet seat?" he asked as they passed the bathroom.
"We keep re-ordering them, but people steal them or break them."
"Why would anyone do that?" he thought.
His room was green, like nausea. Someone had covered the wall in
bogeys they'd picked from their nose. Every night he was kept awake
by sirens and strange guttural cries from down the hall. One night
there was a fight and the police were called.

Three weeks later his money came through and he was able to leave. On
his way out, he saw that the new toilet seat had arrived. He looked up
and down the corridor and then kicked it to pieces and left.

Posted by DoghouseReilly

Posted by jc1000000

13th Mar 2009, 15:25   | tags:,,


Anonymous says:

Now the highlights is really becomming a "self promo mastrubation session".

13th Mar 2009, 15:46

Puddlepuff says:

That was me!

13th Mar 2009, 15:48

jc1000000 says:

Thanks for your kind words puff!

I think you are being a little cruel...

The pic is poor but the content is interesting, it's from a group (it's not written by me, it is an external contribution)and it made sense to reference it now in relation to the newsletter.

What's your objection?

13th Mar 2009, 15:51

Puddlepuff says:

It's probably a general remark towards what's happening to Moblog at the moment.

And what about my Beef?

13th Mar 2009, 16:00

jc1000000 says:

LOL c'mon then what is your beef?? (i edited out that phrase previously - felt guilty about it - i've been in the pub so am a bit pished)

13th Mar 2009, 16:05

Puddlepuff says:

I had a chicken sandwich,...

13th Mar 2009, 16:08

jc1000000 says:

LOL so no beef then?

13th Mar 2009, 16:20

Johnny Fart Pants says:

Another shit highlight. This site is just one big reach-around.

13th Mar 2009, 16:22

jc1000000 says:

Un-highlighted for arguments sake.

Remember kids, dont drink & highlight.

13th Mar 2009, 16:33

Twiglet says:

I think it's a great little story and highlightable for that reason alone. You get as pissed as you like jc, isn't that why God created Friday afternoons?

13th Mar 2009, 16:37

jc1000000 says:

Thanks twiglet! I thought it was a good story and totally different style to those previously on microhappy.

And yeah first friday afternoon with the promise of spring sun! There was no way pub pint glasses could stay empty.

13th Mar 2009, 16:43

Dhamaka says:

I thought this was interesting and certainly different and I like how the toilet seat is half open, as if to eat someone or snap in defence.

But hang on guys.. when I find myself getting wound up by the inequity of the HL system I remind myself that the idea of HLs is not to establish a community of excellence. The operative word is not 'excellence' here but 'community'! To be an inclusive community that means diversity ... and this certainly was a 'diverse' piece.

16th Mar 2009, 07:28