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So. I am in the market for a new fancy digital camera. Trouble is i don't know much about what cameras there are and what bells and whistles they can come with. I figured you folk are clued up enough to be able to give me a hand and point me in the right direction. Please?
Ideally i'd like a camera with which i could manually control just about everything, particularly focus, exposure time and shutter speed. I'd also like a camera that could be used with a remote control, though not necessarily immediately; this could be a later purchase.
Money is an issue, as i don't have loads.
I've been looking mostly at Fujifilm, i think because of my current camera (see above.) This is the one i'm looking at currently: Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd

29th Mar 2009, 17:08   | tags:,,,,

Caine says:

Well, I have an ongoing love affair with my Nikon D80 and you can do all that stuff. It isn't cheap though, and neither are any additional lenses you may end up wanting. I think Viv has or had a Fuji.

29th Mar 2009, 18:34

Jane Doe says:

I have a Nikon Coolpix 4800, that I love. But for manual you really need an SLR, which means more weight and more money : ( Still getting to grips with my Canon 450D

29th Mar 2009, 18:42

taniwha says:

Have you thought of a bridging digital camera. These aren't DSLRs and so have the usual delay you get with digital cameras but they have all you need to control aperture, shutter speed etc. They are smaller than DSLRs but heftier than a lot of digitals and so you can carry them in a coat pocket. Olympus do them with codes of SP, I think.

30th Mar 2009, 20:53

Wendle says:

So now i'm cooing over a Nikon D40...

3rd Apr 2009, 19:33

Wendle says:

Thank you Caine, Jane & Taniwha for your advice, it is muchly appreciated.

I really didn't know much of the technical jargon before starting on this journey... i didn't even know what SLR was. I have learnt rather a lot in a short space of time. My head may implode.

T, i think the one i was originally looking at, the Fujifilm one, is a bridging camera. I think it would have done me well, but i think for the price i may as well spend a little extra and get an entry level DSLR.

So yes. That's what i did.

4th Apr 2009, 20:52