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"You can see the end of the world from here..."

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8th Apr 2009, 09:41   | tags:

mara says:

Love it!

8th Apr 2009, 10:14

nige says:

I should have deicated this to you mara. Your clouds picture inspired me.

8th Apr 2009, 10:16

cariadus says:

Fantastic shot, lovely colours and dramatic sky.

8th Apr 2009, 11:55

factotum says:

That wouldn't be heather, would it? So purple....

8th Apr 2009, 12:31

nige says:

I can't be sure facto. I'll ask my buddies.

GD, i think it may be the poor quality camera too ; ) thanks!

cariadus & CM, thankya! I'm quite pleased with the sky too.

8th Apr 2009, 13:09

Geodyne says:

Oh, I *love* this.

8th Apr 2009, 15:17

nige says:

; ) Thanks Geo.

8th Apr 2009, 15:49

PrincessJun says:

superb - colours are intense - and the title is great!

8th Apr 2009, 16:27

Tori says:

Love the title.

8th Apr 2009, 16:48

Caine says:

Drenched with gorgeousness, Nige. All the more so because this is so different from what you usually do.

8th Apr 2009, 17:16

nige says:


8th Apr 2009, 17:30

mara says:

: )

8th Apr 2009, 23:22

WS NLI blah blah says:

Fab & Fab it kind of reminds me of walking round hampton court maze and when you got lost there was a guy on a ladder to guide you out! (that was of course back in the good old 70's)ahhhh

Like very much and sorry to have been away from here, but life..............................................................

8th Apr 2009, 23:26

Javaboy says:

Wow that is awe inspiring.

8th Apr 2009, 23:55

nige says:

Thanks Javaboy & WS.

WS, I understand. Life gets in the way, huh? Always good to see you back though.

9th Apr 2009, 00:11

SLG says:

See you at SHOOT ?

9th Apr 2009, 00:22

nige says:

You bet. Looking forward to it.

9th Apr 2009, 00:23

shitake says:

Ah .. what a shot and colours! Special star for you : )

9th Apr 2009, 01:48

nige says:

; )

10th Apr 2009, 01:15

JokerXL says:

Great sky!
Like that film, wassit called, end of the world, ice, storm, cold, óóh, tip of me tongue & no Google.

13th Apr 2009, 20:11

Demyx says:

I love this!

The colors are beautiful.

15th Apr 2009, 00:39

JokerXL says:

"Armoured egg-nog"
aaargh!, no, no, something like that . . .

19th Apr 2009, 14:43

nige says:


19th Apr 2009, 15:34

nige says:

Hahaha. Thanks for the highlight, community people! I was only just talking about this with a few people last night, and now it has happened :D

18th Aug 2009, 11:34

rofl, great shot though

18th Aug 2009, 11:37

nige says:

It wasn't me, honest! Thanks :)

18th Aug 2009, 11:38

I know :-)

18th Aug 2009, 11:52

nige says:

Sent you an email yesterday btw. About your header / CSS. If you choose a template I can do it for you :)

18th Aug 2009, 11:53