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Joe says:

I live at 0 degrees longitude, just a bit further north...the Greenwich meridian runs through the high street in my town :)

27th Apr 2009, 21:51

Judo-Jule says:

really? so are you west or east?

27th Apr 2009, 21:54

Joe says:

north :) it runs north/south and I live in Lincolnshire (a small town called Louth), it also runs through Cleethorpes, which is about a mile from where I was born.

27th Apr 2009, 21:57

Judo-Jule says:

how can you be north if it splits up the world into east and west, joe??? you HAVE to be on one of the sides!

27th Apr 2009, 22:00

Joe says:

Because I'm on the same line that splits the world east/west you numpty!

27th Apr 2009, 22:03

Joe says:

east of the line is east, and west of the line is west, but the line itself runs north/south and I'm on that line just like greenwich is :)

27th Apr 2009, 22:05

Judo-Jule says:

so you are EXACTLY on the line and therefore neither east nor west?

i am confusered!

27th Apr 2009, 22:10

Joe says:

exactly. If you stood on the line in Greenwich with a compass and walked exactly north for a couple of hundred miles, you'd end up in my town :)

27th Apr 2009, 22:12

Judo-Jule says:

might do that just to find out whether you are really not lying. ;-)

27th Apr 2009, 22:14

Joe says:

hehe :) our sofa bed is always available for wayward long distance walking mobloggers.

27th Apr 2009, 22:18

Judo-Jule says:


29th Apr 2009, 19:11