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12 Monkeys

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Well, only four really, but I just watched the film again, so...
28th Apr 2009, 21:29   | tags:

factotum says:

Right into my favourites!

28th Apr 2009, 21:47

nige says:

Hehe. Thanks you two ; )

28th Apr 2009, 23:18

factotum says:

OMG, I love this. I keep coming back and laughing. Such a great range of primate emotion! I wish I could see the faces of the adults too.

29th Apr 2009, 01:58

nige says:

Mandy, apparently I really wasn't too happy about the situation at all. As you say, Monkey Magic came much later! The other girl is actually my cousin.

Facto, glad you like it! My sister found this in a pile of old photos that we were sorting through the other day.

29th Apr 2009, 06:43

swamprose says:

this is so great.

29th Apr 2009, 07:06

nige says:

Thanks swamprose. Glad you like it : )

Boet, why not man? Lets see them! Everyone wants to see pictures of you as a young-star!

29th Apr 2009, 08:03

Metro says:

Dude this is weird. I dreamed last night my girlfriend came back from Australia with a monkey tale growing out of her back,...

And now this!!!

You look way to cute though. You up for adoption?

29th Apr 2009, 08:06

nige says:

Hey, why does that dream of yours not surprise me at all? Haha. I'm always up for joining a good family. Does this mean I get to live in your cool new house?

29th Apr 2009, 08:09

Metro says:

Sure! :)

*I can haz nanny then*

29th Apr 2009, 09:31

mara says:

I was always a little frightened by the monkeys in India...I had to fight for my peanuts : )

29th Apr 2009, 10:05

nige says:

Puff, you're on!

mara, they will do that to you! Same thing happened to me :)

Me too AF. Me too. I'm pretty much a fan of anything Gilliam puts his hands to. Fincher can be a bit hit-and-miss but Fight Club is one of his better efforts : )

30th Apr 2009, 08:03

nige says:

; )

30th Apr 2009, 14:07