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I went for the most lovely evening run last night. Up and down and up again all around the hills of Sheffield. I had a bit of a resolution to blog a panorama from one of the tops but just didn't find the shot. I did find some very cute allotments nestled on a slope though. I'm not quite back to fitness so I got a lot of satisfaction from running under an 8 min mile for a whole mile. A whole downhill mile. Ah well. . .

Puddlepuff says:

I LOL at the door. :)

13th May 2009, 09:15

nige says:

Must have been a great sub-eight minutes though :)

13th May 2009, 09:34

OJ says:

The door's cute isn't it? And yes, very nice Nige. The reward for the 1.5 miles uphill at 'i'm passing cyclists' gradients. They really should have got off. . .

13th May 2009, 09:43

beth says:

nice door :)

13th May 2009, 09:53

taniwha says:

lovely surrealistic feel here

13th May 2009, 10:36

540air says:

"The reward for the 1.5 miles uphill at 'i'm passing cyclists' gradients."? That's going to keep me laughing all morning!!

Wouldn't it be neat if that door had a working bell too? :)

13th May 2009, 10:49

mysocalledmoblog says:

i wish the door had a number 19 on, would have been the perfect stephen king dark tower tribute :)

13th May 2009, 10:56

Jane Doe says:

: )

13th May 2009, 11:17

Viv says:

Why do we love things that are so very wrong :)

13th May 2009, 11:25

OJ says:

Wow. A highlight for my allotment snap. Thanks. I didn't really think about the surrealism but that is very much my taste. 540, you know there are just some gradients that make it more efficient to use two feet, not two wheels ;) Actually the earlier conversation with you was what inspired me to run/blog. That and the good excuse for a breather.

13th May 2009, 11:56

540air says:

Glad to have been of use :)

13th May 2009, 17:21

MaggieD says:

Hahaha! well I have to say that top shot made me laugh :)

13th May 2009, 17:46

Caine says:

Hahahaha, love that top shot.

13th May 2009, 18:30

OJ says:

mysocalledmoblog, I'm sorry, I'm not a Stephen King fan so your allusion went right over my head. Is there a significant door in it?

I wish I knew who that allotment belonged to. I could find out. *Considers hatching a plot*

13th May 2009, 19:22

FilbertFox says:

I reckon you should take a "Welcome" door mat to put infront of the door next time you head up that way!

19th May 2009, 09:31