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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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On the Bike Trail

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In an attempt to get fit we've (finally) gotten around to sorting the bikes
out. 2.87 miles Tuesday night and one hell of a sore arse!

Today I purchased a padded gel seat cover and managed 5.1 miles, Not too

I'm mapping my routes on mapmyrun.comt so i can track my progress. I'm
enjoying it so far!

cariadus says:

Well done!
And that is an absolutely gorgeous shot.

4th Jun 2009, 23:55

Dhamaka says:

this is a lovely shot and wtg!

5th Jun 2009, 06:39

Essitam says:

Thanks for the highlight. I've been neglecting my moblog somewhat of late, I will attempt to put things right.

C & D: thank you.

T: V. useful link as not any can I map routes I've been on I can also look at potential routes and the viability of doing them with TBK as it's gives fairly accurate distances! loving it

5th Jun 2009, 10:48

dmych says:

Sunny warm photo!

5th Jun 2009, 11:35

mara says:

Fantastic shot!

5th Jun 2009, 11:58

goonflower says:

I knew this was an Essitam pic before I clicked on it!
If you want extra company, I've got a bike! :)

5th Jun 2009, 12:48

Essitam says:

Your more than welcome to join us hun! I'll email you the links to the routes we've taken so far and teh next planned one, riding to Essington Fruit Farm!

5th Jun 2009, 12:51

minkey says:

Love the pic:-) need also to get the bike out

5th Jun 2009, 17:26

rhys says:

Mapmyrun is a really good site. It's interesting to work out just how far you have ran/cycled.

5th Jun 2009, 20:31

Jig along says:

Brilliant shot. Has a very mystical feel about it to me.

6th Jun 2009, 03:27

MaggieD says:

Beautiful .... this is such a lovely capture .... competition worthy :)

Oh yes, and gel seats are a must :)

6th Jun 2009, 17:10

Sprocket says:

only just seen this and it is gorgeous

7th Jun 2009, 19:09

Toddy says:

Love the shot, good work on getting the miles in as well

11th Jun 2009, 21:48

FilbertFox says:

this is lovely! And I am s jealous you are out on your bike while I sit at home and pine for mine

27th Jun 2009, 21:10