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here we go im on a roll

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Wow I never even new there was this sort of thing on the net. How cool.
26th Aug 2005, 14:55  


Joe says:

thats a very nice, very professional looking image, did you take it?

26th Aug 2005, 14:56

kj says:

my daddy took the photo we were building my website which still is in production as i need to learn how to use social software like this. can u help me?

26th Aug 2005, 14:59

Joe says:

we'll help you however we can...what do you need to know?

26th Aug 2005, 15:00

that is a cool image! Hi by the way. (*waves in traditional moblog fashion)

26th Aug 2005, 15:05

BadJon2 says:

Yes indeed love those orange colours.

26th Aug 2005, 15:06

kj says:

just mucking around dont really have a clue what im doing yet, will figure it out hopefully sometime soon. fsailing school want to go to uni. want to b a graphic designer some day
travel first

26th Aug 2005, 15:11

. F**K learning, travel all you can first, the learn.. you learn when travelling, every place you go teaches you something new! do that..

26th Aug 2005, 15:14

Joe says:

gotta disagree with spike on this one, get educated, either through school or experience, you can travel anytime, but you learn best when your mind is young.

26th Aug 2005, 15:15

misternavid says:

Or become an amazing designer and travel the world working in good jobs, getting paid good money. I know someone who did that (as an animator) and I envy him. A lot.

26th Aug 2005, 15:16

misternavid says:

its a nice pic btw

26th Aug 2005, 15:17

perhaps that just the slacker in me coming out, mind you, never being a student i cant really say, but its never appealed to me, DO as you wich KJ, not as other people wish you to do!!!

26th Aug 2005, 15:17

yeah.. I really am just a slacker!!!

26th Aug 2005, 15:19

misternavid says:

Uni is full of slackers too. I know I went and I see students all the time. Problem with that is that they dont know how hard it is to actually get a job in the real world. degrees in this country are weak. But nonetheless they are better then nothing. Just make sure you are incredibly passionate about what you want to do in life and give it your all. Uni is good for social contacts more then study. The study part is really up to you at the end of the day!
I never studied design but I think Im alright at it (www.daytodaze.com)

26th Aug 2005, 15:39

seaneeboy says:

I didn't get my degree, but got involved in Rag and all that - learned FAR more through that than in my course, and have ended up with a brilliant student marketing job out of it - would be doing my nut if I'd stayed with my degree.

26th Aug 2005, 15:45

alexis says:

Hi again, KJ, I commented on your comment, here.

I know how hard school can be, especially if you want to do things like travel. It really is valuable, though.

and, very nice photo. : )

26th Aug 2005, 16:14