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A group distraction, presented by nige.


The first instalment of Interview52 is now complete! It started on Friday 18th July 2008 and finished on 13th September 2009. A little later than expected, but we got there.


52 mobloggers from around the world...

Some familiar, some not...

Each will publish a unique self-portrait, accompanied by a short interview.

Candid portrait meets candid interview.

The Rules

Every Friday the next interviewee in line will publish a new portrait and interview, consisting of their answers to the ten questions they have been given.

After they have published, the interviewee will then become the interviewer. They will be responsible for finding the next participant, as well as compiling the questions that this next person in line will answer. Interviewers can change as many or as few questions as they like, but they should change at least one before passing them on to the next lucky punter.

Thats it! Simple. More detailed instructions will be given to each interviewee as and when they are approached, so fear not.

The interviewees so far









Jig along



Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri








Jane Doe



Spiderbaby / Freakdog




George w/Blue Eyes






















Strange Little Girl




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1. Where are you currently and why?

I am sitting at my laptop, it is early morning. Toronto, Canada. I sit
looking out at the street, through my front garden which is a wild leafy
place. It is cool out which is good because we are into our second week of a
garbage strike and if it's hot, it is getting really disgusting outside. I
am going to leave town, and the garbage and go kayaking for a while. I just
bought a Pelican case to store my camera. Now if I just don't tip while
using it...

2. Tell us your moblog story, how did it all begin for you, and do you have
any favourite posts?

I was looking for more news about the bombings in the London subway and I
stumbled on moblog. I lurked. When Alfie posted 'No Fear', I was enchanted.

I will never forget Alex Saville. Today it looks like we're going to have
another blog baby. We seem to be having lots of babies. And they're all good
looking and way too smart.

I have some favourite moments: alfie's no fear, the jump months, steve and
helen's trip to India, Xalieri's honeymoon in Hawaii, late night Mandy
conversations, JXL bouncing off the side of his truck, being bfish's friend,
rooting for various people to stay sane while doing exams, enjoying their
victories, SLG's oneaday, actually all the oneadays, Seaneboy patrolling the
driving-while-blogging, and the pixie dance, OJ's fabulous black and white
dress, Hildegard's Oscar, Spiderbaby and Crickson's eternal festivals in
Minnesota, almost anything Nige does, Liltiger's hardware store, Caine's
Almont, Mat's Lemmy, those Taniwha kids, the completely original
construction projects at the Rich/Mat estate, learning curious UK culture
like mushypeas and Jaffacakes, Viv's bathroom view, Minushaben's and
Maggie's political solidarity, Paintist's postcards and inspiration....and
many more.

3.How did you get into taking photographs?

Someone gave me a camera when I was a kid. I have a basement full of my
photographs. Once I talked myself into a job as a newspaper photographer
even though I didn't know how to develop film. I learned to develop film on
the phone with a friend, in the dark, eventually loosing the spring of the
roll and making a terrible mess of it. Eventually I got it. I like being in
situations where I am in over my head. Speaking of which, I have been going
to school, Ryerson University, for photography and I guess I am going back
this fall. I got into a Magnum workshop in May with Mark Power, of Brighton,
and it was probably the best thing I did in a while. It was brutal, the
daily critiques from other photographers and Mark were painful but

4. What are you currently reading?

I read everything. I like a good junky book as much as something that I
think about for a long time. Last three books were 'Last Watch" by Sergei
Lukyanenko, 'Ring' by Koji Suzuki, and 'The View from Castle Rock' by Alice
Munro. I love science fiction, and non-fiction books about plants, and there
is a library on my corner where I spend a lot of time looking at expensive
art books and graphic novels. I loved "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry,
"Cat's Eye" by Atwood, and kid's books with Oscar. Current favourites are
'Scaredy Squirrel' and 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus'

5. What makes you happy?

my bike, having a lot of people in the house, fires, chaos, being outside,
honesty, tall men, avacados, cheese, good bread, food in general, taking
photos, making things, growing things, music, movies, animation, really big
rocks, my kayak, dogs, most people, the circus, public art, puzzles, trying
to figure out things, old clothes, big snowstorms with the fat big flakes,
my family and friends.

Last year I raised Russo, a puppy for Guide Dogs Canada. I am proud to
report that she has turned out to be a star in training and they really like
her. I can't do another puppy right now because I want to travel, so I am
keeping Guide Dog puppies when they need a place to stay. So far Garnet has
been here and at the end of the month, the truly adorable Frizzle will be

For those of you who followed Russo's buddies, Nikkita and Pel--both just
graduated, and are now working as vision companions to young university

6.What's your strongest childhood memory?

I don't know. Montreal where I grew up, the ocean, my parents, nothing
important. I had a great childhood, a really interesting adolescence and
early adulthood. I did it all. no regrets. great memories.

7. What is the last thing that made you laugh?

my friend Laurie is always late. she arrived late and the annoyed chair of
the meeting said 'Why don't you get a watch?' Laurie replied: 'Then I'd just
know how late I am."

8. What are the 3 most valuable lessons you have you learned in life so

I don't seem to have learned much over the years. I admire qualities I don'
t have--black curly hair, patience, listening, being tall, mysterious. I am
pretty much WYSIWYG.

9. Your house in on fire - what's the first thing you grab?

My house on fire? I have such a great old house here. Full of memories and
stupid little things we all like. If it went up in flames, there is nothing
and everything to save, so I'd grab any animal I had and run for it. Of
course, being old, this house is a continual money pit and ongoing repair
project, so I'd not have to deal with that anymore. Does anyone know a good

10. So it's Desert Island Discs time and we're now choosing that one record
that remains after the hypothetical storm. What is that one record?

This is not a fair question. Too hard. It would not just be music, but film,
art, all kinds of good things. turtles. dogs. people. is there enough surf
for a board? I'd like to learn.

Posted by swamprose

3rd Jul 2009, 23:12  


nige says:

You're just the best thing ever.

4th Jul 2009, 01:21

queserasara says:

Nice answers & as usual I love the image. Qss

4th Jul 2009, 07:15

Dhamaka says:

lovely image
good to see you happy

4th Jul 2009, 10:25

Dhamaka says:

lovely image
good to see you happy

4th Jul 2009, 10:25

Viv says:

the energy rubs off through the text

yes she is Nige and I think I'd like to meet your friend Laurie :)

love those 2 books too

4th Jul 2009, 11:20

Viv says:

just thinking how you used to hide from the camera and there you are full of joy looking great!

4th Jul 2009, 11:21

Sprocket says:


4th Jul 2009, 15:41

beth says:

I love that picture! I wish I'd gone in that library now.

4th Jul 2009, 17:41

Jane Doe says:

Nice to see you looking so happy. Glad the workshop went well, enjoy your travels

4th Jul 2009, 18:32

Uber Spy says:

Wonderful to read & love the pic x

4th Jul 2009, 18:52

MaggieD says:

Oh wow ... what a great pic and interview ... I was with my friend Clare today on the 'Pride' March in London, you would have loved it, the theme was 'Come Out and Play' .... it is good to know that you see me as a political sister :)

4th Jul 2009, 19:49

This is a great shot of you and a great interview

4th Jul 2009, 23:02

swamprose says:

thank you all very much. That's a photo of me weeding in High Park a few weeks ago, taken by a friend. I don't have many photos of me because doh, I am the photographer.

I am happy in the photo. This is not all the time. Don't want to be dishonest here. I am actually pretty cranky these days.

4th Jul 2009, 23:47


4th Jul 2009, 23:50

OJ says:

"I admire qualities I don'
t have--black curly hair, patience, listening, being tall, mysterious. I am pretty much WYSIWYG.

You always make me smile!

5th Jul 2009, 16:50

Caine says:

:D You always manage to make this cranky old woman smile.

6th Jul 2009, 20:03

Mandy says:

I like the surf board reference at the end. Do they do that in Roatan?

8th Jul 2009, 20:52

swamprose says:

no surf in roatan. just a great reef. scuba and snorkel, and put da lime in da coconut, it's the malibu commercials in real life...

except right now they're having a coup.

you sleeping weird hours? how's the alien?

9th Jul 2009, 03:59

Jane Doe says:

A coup? Are your people ok?

9th Jul 2009, 07:22

Spike says:

greaf read, great read indeed

9th Jul 2009, 10:00

nige says:

Who's got next then? Come on!

10th Jul 2009, 14:20

taniwha says:

I'm a bit late here. Envy you your photography course and smiled at your name check. So much about this interview I like.

28th Jul 2009, 07:42

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