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Is this you? Camera found at Glastonbury

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Hello everyone. I was at Glastonbury and I found a nice little camera in the middle of a field, and I was having such a great day that I thought to myself this might spoil some poor bugger's Glastonbury. The lost property office at Glastonbury must be snowed under every year, so I took some Peter Falk initiative looked at the last couple of photos on it and decided to find its owner myself. In my experience most people return or hand in lost stuff. being a scatter brain myself I have benefited from this many times.

If you think it's your camera, send a mail to TRC Management at mail@trcmanagement.com and we will get it back to you.



SueB(bevan-dot-s-at-blueyonder-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Its not my camera, but I think its really nice of you to try to reunite it with its owner..
Would be over the moon if you found me in the middle of a field at the V Festival at Weston Park next month.. I'll dream on..
Cant wait to see you guys again..

6th Jul 2009, 20:53

beth says:

Aw I hope it gets back to them, I've shared this on facebook.

6th Jul 2009, 22:15

Sprocket says:

add some tags to the photo, that should help them if they do an online search

7th Jul 2009, 05:50

kel (unable to login for some reason) says:

Have shared this on the book of face as well, hopefully a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend may know whose camera it is...

I've lost so many things at festivals so I hope this story has a happy ending!

7th Jul 2009, 09:17

Twiglet says:

Is this me?

No, sadly not as I really wouldn't mind being pressed against that fella's neck....

: )

7th Jul 2009, 14:04

Sprocket says:

Twiglet - you grab the fella, I'll grab the gal, Guy keeps the camera . . . everyone's a winner.

7th Jul 2009, 22:32

Twiglet says:


7th Jul 2009, 22:34

FilbertFox says:

Twiglet - can we share?

8th Jul 2009, 09:07

Twiglet says:

We could toss for him ;- )

8th Jul 2009, 10:27

beth says:

Isn't he like, DD's age????

8th Jul 2009, 19:01

Lorna26(sam-dot-wilde-at-uwclub-dot-net) says:

What a loved up couple...fab.
Hope they get it back!!
Bridgewater tomorrow...SOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8th Jul 2009, 21:09

Twiglet says:

Beth: What 11? D'ya think!

OMG I'm a dirty old woman and so is FFox.

8th Jul 2009, 21:15

Anonymous says:

I really hope the owner of the camera isn't the shy sort: if I were either one of those two I'd be far too embarrassed to claim it back after reading all this stuff!

Hope they get it back - I lose stuff all the time and know how much it can ruin a good time. Good luck getting it back to its owner!

8th Jul 2009, 23:16

Camille(mealey-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

You're so nice to take the time to do this! Yet another reason why Elbow is my very favo(u)rite band.

16th Jul 2009, 18:44

eric says:

You can also try post on www.camerafound.com.

It will be automatically pushed to twitter and facebook!

17th Jul 2009, 22:23

tony (anthonywdjenkins-at-live-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

hi im er tony just want to say you got a good voice..
hope to sing again with you ..
evan if its only on the speakers
ha ha

17th Sep 2009, 13:47

Me says:

Couldn't find any other free channel to voice my anger, so here it goes, maybe somebody in Elbow sees it.

WHY OH WHY was "George Lassoes The Moon" from NOISEBOX dropped from the "asleep" deluxe edition!?!?!?!?!?!?!? TELL ME!! Useless deluxe edition IMHO without COMPLETE NOISEBOX... and no, the live version doesn't help at all.

29th Dec 2009, 02:05

Me says:

Oh well, I guess I've to keep on searching for the impossible to find noisebox... while I get my hands on the COMPLETE Noisebox, I keep hanging on to my bootleg copy of it.. much rather would like own a legal copy.

29th Dec 2009, 02:07

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