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24th Jul 2009, 14:28   | tags:,,


Viv says:

He's enormous

24th Jul 2009, 15:51

Puddikat says:

Aw Oscar you're so cute. I love the 'love me, love me' one.

24th Jul 2009, 17:49

hildegard says:

Yes, he is enormous & yes, he is cute. The two are not unrelated - he's getting treats from every little girl on our street, & there are a lot of little girls on our street...

24th Jul 2009, 20:43

Javama says:

Ah Ha! So he's clever and cute.

29th Jul 2009, 17:40

swamprose says:

This photo has stuck in my head. I never understood that Oscar was a GIANT until now. Somehow the change from pathetic little foundling to giant missle of cute didn't happen until now. I am slow.

does this giant still climb up high around the house?

2nd Aug 2009, 15:22

hildegard says:

SR - Huge. Vast. Gargantuan. Still within his permitted weight range but quite unnecessarily tall, and very, very long. Some workmen were working in my kitchen recently when Oscar strolls by, "Flipping 'eck!" cries one workman to the other; "Look at the size of that cat! He could bring me down, never mind bird-catching." Quite.

He still climbs high & is not averse to busking a sudden & unexpected descent via my shoulders if I happen to stray by...

Javama - Some of the little girls are away, it being school holidays & all, so there are fewer opportunities for him to gorge on cheese triangles or whatever they give him. Have asked them not to feed him but they range in age from only 3 to just 6, & against Oscar's determined begging, my exhortations haven't a chance.

2nd Aug 2009, 17:36