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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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Meanwhile, back in the floral marquee...


swamprose says:

sigh. aren't allium just the best? and orchids, and waterlilies...

29th Jul 2009, 14:07

hildegard says:

Until you see an RHS floral marquee you don't know what the phrase "a riot of colour" really means. You walk into the tent, your mouth falls open & you shuffle along, stopping to stare every couple of feet & exclaiming; "Oh, that's gorgeous." at even shorter intervals. :)

SR - Next time you come to Blighty, make sure it's flower show season. Kew is good, Kew is wonderful, but an RHS show is a thing of special glory.

29th Jul 2009, 16:44

mara says:

a well-deserved HL

29th Jul 2009, 18:05

hildegard says:

Ooh, a HL for the nymphaea? Cheers, Whomever; these slow-traffic days really are working to my advantge. ;)

29th Jul 2009, 18:43

swamprose says:

nymphea are always a HL. when I was kayaking, with a botanist yet, I did something I never did (do not pick the flowers) and festooned my kayak with fragrant water lilies. and no guilt. :)

30th Jul 2009, 02:29

hildegard says:

Kayaking with a botanist, eh? Good thing there were water lillies or that might have seemed somewhat of a wasted opportunity. ;)

30th Jul 2009, 03:46

still life says:

1 and!

30th Jul 2009, 13:17

swamprose says:

ok, h, we spent time on dry land...and it saves lugging all the books with you--I highly recommend a personal botanist. and a personal art historian. I am spoiled rotten.

31st Jul 2009, 03:05

Caine says:


1st Aug 2009, 00:14

midlife says:

Nice series

3rd Aug 2009, 06:41