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Spent some time in graveyards recently. I launched a funeral photography company -
29th Jul 2009, 21:11  

Twiglet says:

Years ago, when I was a young thing I worked in developing and printing. From time to time we would come across snaps of funerals even open coffin shots. A lot of the staff found it a bit squicky but it didn't particularly bother me.

When my Dad died (1987) the flowers were so spectacular that I crept back to the crematorium the next day with me Olympus trip and photographed them. I think if I had done it on the day I would have been frowned upon.

Good luck to you nige. As long as you're discreet I think it will be a quite popular service.

29th Jul 2009, 21:24

MaggieD says:

It would have been good to have a service like that at Alex's funeral .... Dhamaka took some very discreet and lovely shots .... but I think most of us just felt a little uneasy about taking pics .... but I know that Jenny and Tim would have liked a record of the service .....

29th Jul 2009, 21:48

cariadus says:

Lovely photo.
Good luck with the business.

30th Jul 2009, 00:55

swamprose says:

working hard to get my head around this one.

30th Jul 2009, 02:42

morningbear says:

Beautiful shot. Good luck with the business.

30th Jul 2009, 08:06

nige says:

Thanks Twiglet. I can understand you wanting to take those photographs. Many people have told me that they would like to take photos but feel it would be improper.

Though I didn't know Alex I'd like to have seen images from his funeral too. Exactly as you say it, just a record of the service.

swamprose, Mandy, it's completely unposed, nothing set up at all. Funny, because I think i'd feel more uncomfortable arranging a group photograph. Most people I speak to just don't understand the concept, but some don't even bat an eyelid. If you go to the Magnum website ( and tap in "funeral" there are literally hundreds of photos on there across a broad range of people and cultures. The approach I take is the same as a wedding, it's simply a document of the day. I don't feel in the slightest bit bad about taking a photograph; I'm not talking about sticking a lens in someones face or photos of people crying over open caskets; it's completely respectful and unobtrusive. So far I've photographed five funerals in the past six months, three of which have been for family and two have been referred from the funeral home that my parents have used on every occasion they've needed to. One thing I have found in my limited experience is a cultural difference between the west and east. My family are from India, and they don't baulk at the idea of funeral photography, they welcome it. Many of my English friends cannot seem to understand however. It's certainly not a service I imagine will be used often, but it's genuinely important to some people.

mornigbear, cariadus, thanks!

30th Jul 2009, 08:12

nige says:

Thanks AF. I certainly don't feel hinky doing it either.

30th Jul 2009, 12:00

Twiglet says:

Hinky? WTF is hinky?

*Goes to Urban dictionary...


30th Jul 2009, 12:55

nige says:

Now you know :)

30th Jul 2009, 14:16

Puddlepuff says:


30th Jul 2009, 15:48

Viv says:

good luck with the business

30th Jul 2009, 16:47

FilbertFox says:

an excellent idea me ducks. So, you are recording matches and dispatches, so how about the hatches?

31st Jul 2009, 09:05

Caine says:

Nice idea, Nige. It was traditional for ages to photograph the dead, usually at home, dressed nicely. Old Death photo books can still be found. People are much more squirmy about such things nowadays, but it was commonplace for a long time. There's a bit of history here:

If we (well, our bods) were going to be around to photographed, I'd be happy to have such a thing done. As it stands, once we're dead, with one phone call, "we'll" be whisked off by a medical institution, be parted out, the extra bits and bobs crispy crittered and returned to the next of kin.

1st Aug 2009, 00:56

JokerXL says:

Great idea Nige, there must surely be a market, never heard of such a service being offered.

14th Aug 2009, 07:44