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Photos taken on my HTC Desire and Olympus E-1 mostly taken while walking my 10 year old rescued greyhound, Tim.

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Tim is usually nervous of other dogs but he is quite fond of chocolate labradors. Unfortunately this fondness is sometimes expressed in trying to chase them - even if they don't want to be chased. So this evening on the beach he went into chase mode with this particular labrador and her owner was getting quite worked up about it and yelling at me to get hold of him. Well, have you ever tried grabbing hold of a sprinting greyhound? So what did I do? Take photos of course!

Unfortunately the light wasn't bright enough to get sharp shots, even with the flash, so the top one is a bit blurry but you get the idea that he was having a lot of fun.

I think the lady with the labrador was getting a bit worried because he was running at speed at her too and it is a bit disconcerting when a greyhound runs straight at you full tilt. The thing to remember is just to keep still and the dog always veer off at the last minute (hopefully).

Anyway, he did stop eventually and I was able to grab hold of him and put him on the lead.

And if she ever reads this I apologise if I didn't seem too concerned but even though he was getting quite excited I knew he wouldn't cause any harm to you or your dog.

Shot no 2: cheeky grin.

No 3: The Boating Lake on the way home (no Photoshopping on this one - that's just how it was).

30th Jul 2009, 22:40   | tags:,,,,


hildegard says:

Oh gawd, the shame. Still, at least he picks on something of a good size & doesn't chase terriers & toy dogs. That's not only embarrassing, but a tad worrying. Even when everything else about the dog's behaviour says "I want to be your freeeeind!" as they bear down on some startled beast or bystander, those gaze hound instincts are always at the back of your mind...

He is definitely giggling in shot #2.

Must admit to a bit of a penchant for chocolate Labs myself. Though they are so congenitally silly they each need a good, working-bred black Lab constantly with them as a carer. ;)

30th Jul 2009, 23:26

cariadus says:

AF, it was :)

hildegard, fortunately he's frightened of small dogs, especially terriers. It's only larger dogs that he tries to get over friendly with. He used to do it a lot with labradors and retrievers when he was younger. He learned the hard way not to do it with Alsatians/GSDs Hasn't done it for 3 or 4 years until today. The trouble is that the dogs are usually fine about it, it's the owners who get worried (understandably).

I have a soft spot for chocolate labs too.

30th Jul 2009, 23:43

Factotum says:

Everyone should get to be a little bit naughty every three or four years, i think.

31st Jul 2009, 00:10

swamprose says:

that top photo is a moment decisive, for sure.

shame on that retriever owner. shame. just shame. Frizzle would like more dogs to come over and drop their silly ball and just run.

31st Jul 2009, 03:25

JokerXL says:

Only every 3-4 years FactT?
I can imagine it's quite disconcerting having Tim sprint towards you at full pelt, he's a sharp nose!

31st Jul 2009, 07:30

TheOtherHalf says:

I hope that the battery of my phone holds out enough for me to check here each day next week so at least I can see what you are up to when I am away!

I can't say that I will be posting much myself... though who knows!!

31st Jul 2009, 11:35

cariadus says:

Factotum, :)

swamprose, not sure I can be compared to the great H C-B but thanks! I'm sure if she'd left them to it they would have been fine but anyway...

Joker, :) I can testify that it is quite unnerving having a greyhound run straight towards you at 30 mph. When we first had Tim we were warned that greyhounds like to do this and not to worry as they (nearly) always veer off at the last moment. But even armed with that information it was still a heart in mouth moment when he first did it. If he actually did hit someone at that speed he could cause some damage, I'm sure. What made it worse was that she was standing in shallow water so she was getting wet every time he ran past her as well! But if she'd just got out of the way and not tried to 'protect' her dog it wouldn't have been a problem.

TOH, yes let's hope the battery does hold out. Maybe you could pay some of the kids to do the wind-up charger :)

31st Jul 2009, 12:32

Caine says:

Hahahahahaha, love that top shot. Watch out, rocket's comin'. As the owner of three huge dogs, I know how disconcerting they can be, but sometimes there's no holding them (or catching up to them at speed.)

31st Jul 2009, 23:46

cariadus says:

Thanks. he goes pretty well for a nine year old dog that six years ago had such a horribly broken and mangled foreleg. It's a miracle really that he can run as well as he does. It was a shame to have to make him stop yesterday.

1st Aug 2009, 00:46

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