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A group distraction, presented by nige.


The first instalment of Interview52 is now complete! It started on Friday 18th July 2008 and finished on 13th September 2009. A little later than expected, but we got there.


52 mobloggers from around the world...

Some familiar, some not...

Each will publish a unique self-portrait, accompanied by a short interview.

Candid portrait meets candid interview.

The Rules

Every Friday the next interviewee in line will publish a new portrait and interview, consisting of their answers to the ten questions they have been given.

After they have published, the interviewee will then become the interviewer. They will be responsible for finding the next participant, as well as compiling the questions that this next person in line will answer. Interviewers can change as many or as few questions as they like, but they should change at least one before passing them on to the next lucky punter.

Thats it! Simple. More detailed instructions will be given to each interviewee as and when they are approached, so fear not.

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1. Where are you right now and how did you get there?
I live in Florence, Italy, there are many years. I went here for my studies at the school of architecture and I’m still here.

2. What is photography to you?
This is a very simple answer to translate from Italian in English!
Well, it has never been so much important for me till… the discovery of Moblog.
It was only a tool to fix peculiar situations, to retrieve from memory a trip etc. I’m interested in all visual arts but I’ve been always more attracted by the drawing. To draw has been a daily activity for many years, because of my inclination, studies, job. Pursuant to the birth of my kids this habit is interrupted: too much to do, not enough silence etc I was a little afraid about this.
By means of Moblog I’ve begun to reflect about the composition of a photographic image and the possibility to have fun and creative satisfaction with it and now my eyes turn around automatically looking for a pic.

3. How did you find moblog? What made you become a moblogger?
I was in the house of my friend Minushabens in Milan and he has shown me Moblog, I’ve decided immediately to become a moblogger and this fast decision is the reason why I haven’t a nickname.
In fact I usually took pictures with my camera phone and I’ve collected a lot of images , I was so happy to have a camera that could phone!!

4. Do you think you can stop moblogging one day? why?
Me? I don’t know what I’ll eat tonight! One day doesn't exist.

5. What are your favourite moblog memories?
The first friends, the first private conctats by mail (they exist!), the first HL, the Advent Calendar, the Nige dailyme, 14 days in February by Sprocket, ...IsFor... and all the “series” and, of course, all the lovely things from Dhamaka (how unique she is!)

6. Who are your favourite contemporary Italian artists (musicians, film makers, writers, etc.) mobloggers that the world should know of?
Hmmmm I’m not so much in love with Italian in this moment….
-Film makers: Paolo Sorrentino, Matteo Garrone and the famous Nanni Moretti .
-I’m all for British music. I haven’t a preferred Italian band or musician, I sometimes find a song I love and I buy it (just to sing under the shower).
In this moment some of the most successful musicians are Giovanni Allevi, Jovanotti, Luciano Ligabue, Negramaro.
If you like progressive music you can try to find an intriguing Italian band of the Seventies: Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, or the king of Italian pop music Lucio Battisti; or the most famous rock band of the Eighties: Litfiba; or the poets Paolo Conte, franco Battiato and the great Fabrizio De Andrè.
-I’m an omnivorous reader with a predilection for the long and well-articulated romance.
There are many Italian authors, old and new, in my bookcase, the well-known Calvino, Pasolini, Morante,Sciascia, the Florentine Vasco Pratolini or contemporaneous Baricco, Mazzucco, Starnone, Benni, Tabucchi and the courageous, bright Roberto Saviano.
For the thriller stories I can suggest: Camilleri (so funny but, I suppose, impossibile to translate), Lucarelli, Ammaniti.
-Photographers? The masters: Mario Giacomelli, Luigi Ghirri, Ugo Mulas.
-Artists? Loris Cecchini, Marco Petrus, Bruna Esposito.
-Italian mobloggers? Minushabens, what a question!

7. What's so special about shadows?
They are the opposite of light!
No light without shadow. No light, no shadow, no photograph.
You’ll laugh, I discover the light and the shadow posting on Moblog, when the mobloggers start to tell me: “this is typically your” I’ve understood that it was not only the kind of image but also the peculiar Italian light, and shadow. Or not?

8. What is your happiest childhood memory?
I’ve been a lucky, happy girl. I’m grown in a big farm with a gang of kids to play with and a lot of territory to explore.
My happier memoirs are tied to different situations for example the holidays at the sea, the summer evenings all together playing under the stars, the perfume of some flowerings in our garden and even all the small gifts that I received from a family of travellers, gifts that brought a bit of world in my childhood (the booties from Turkey, a Chilean poncho, a scarlet silk from Bali….)

9. What is your favourite subject to talk about?
Trips, literature, architecture.

10. Name three things you would change in your life that would make you
A world finally at peace to explore without fear, with all its variety protected and welcomed as a value.
A house with a big terrace to transform into a jungle and from which to be able to see the sky from the sunup to the sunset.
To assist at the invasion of Italy from the other European countries and to see again: the legality, the freedom of media, the love for culture, the preservation of our magnificent territory and the merit that triumphs on the nepotism. All this would improve a lot my life, please organize you!

Posted by mara

31st Jul 2009, 07:47   | tags:,,,


nige says:

No light, no shadow, no photograph. Absolutely. It's great to have you around, mara. Love that portrait!

31st Jul 2009, 08:08

Jane Doe says:

Good interview, and great image

31st Jul 2009, 08:17

mara says:

thank you so much

31st Jul 2009, 08:21

queserasara says:

Great image & living with that Italian light how can you not be interested in light & shadow?
Great answers

31st Jul 2009, 08:30

mara says:

head in the clouds I suppose
thank you

31st Jul 2009, 08:55

JokerXL says:

Wow! You are just bubbling with life Mara, great reading, thank you.

31st Jul 2009, 09:44

swamprose says:

head in the clouds is good. The long list of Italian writers, artists, musicians, photographers etc is mostly unknown to me. I shall enjoy learning them.

good to know you better.

31st Jul 2009, 12:40

Viv says:

Yes really good to know a bit more about you and how you feel about moblog too :)

31st Jul 2009, 13:00

beth says:

Yes, thanks for sharing, a good read and that's a great portrait.

31st Jul 2009, 13:04

Sprocket says:

absolutely chuffed to see it was your Interview today :-)

I love your work on Moblog and loved finding out a little more about the mind behind the lens

31st Jul 2009, 13:53

Euphro says:

Wonderful interview! So great to find out more about you. I love all of your posts and have learned a lot from them :)

31st Jul 2009, 13:58

mara says:

thank you friends!
this is a great wonderful community I feel at home :)

31st Jul 2009, 20:44

Dhamaka says:

You've set us a great challenge with your last answer haven't you!

Thank you so much for including me, life and moblog are richer for having you around.. and I love that portrait

I so love your answer to #2 and understand from experience exactly what you mean, and what you say about shadows.. absolutely

arrggh... reading this andanswering it made me forget the time... Now I've burned my dinner


31st Jul 2009, 22:53

mara says:


1st Aug 2009, 14:23

MaggieD says:

Love the portrait :) ..... and such a wonderful interview .... it is always good to find out more about the mobloggers that I admire :)

1st Aug 2009, 20:44

mara says:

Thank you Maggie, it's a pleasure to receive a compliment from an artist : )

2nd Aug 2009, 21:33

Factotum says:

I've been away for the weekend, so I have much to catch up with. This interview will be at the top of the list!
(Like Swamprose, I will have to research your list of Italian artists!)

3rd Aug 2009, 00:58

mara says:

thank you, at your disposal

3rd Aug 2009, 11:29

OJ says:

Hi Mara, I'm so pleased to see your Interview 52. It's good to learn a bit more about you. The portrait is stunning - did you paint that yourself too???

Like others, I shall try to dip my toe into some of the Italian culture you list (in translation).

26th Aug 2009, 15:43

mara says:

Hi OJ : )
I didn't paint my portrait, unfortunately I'm not so able, the painter is a friend.


27th Aug 2009, 17:21

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