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garbage strike is OVAhhh.

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might not mean a lot to you, but here in Toronto, the first garbage pickup in a month was sensational. The hockey rink was filled with garbage during the strike. It has been scoured clean many times and it still smells.

the garbage strike of 2009 is not going to be forgotten, and mayor is politically toast. the union is too.
4th Aug 2009, 20:37   | tags:,

beth says:

wow. that took AGES.

4th Aug 2009, 20:45

Wendle says:

Woah, that's a lot of rubbish!

4th Aug 2009, 20:48

billion says:

garbage strike still going on here in edinburgh :(

my street looked so bad there was actually a tv crew here the other day taking shots of the state of the street.

4th Aug 2009, 20:55

JokerXL says:

Glad to hear it! No, that'll do nothing for either side's popularity-rating.

4th Aug 2009, 21:23

hildegard says:

Huzzahs! Here's to a fragrant future of unimpeded boulevarding & regular collections.

BTW, rat oestrus occurs every 4 to 5 days, gestation is 22 days. Sudden, prolonged glut of food & shelter coincident with mild weather - you see where this is going. Time to check round the house for chinks, gaps & hidey-holes, before you go from Naples to Hamlin. ;)

4th Aug 2009, 22:36

Viv says:

she's right you know!
oh gosh that was a trial!

4th Aug 2009, 22:47

cariadus says:

What a load of rubbish!
Surely there can be no winners from a strike like that.

4th Aug 2009, 23:29

Caine says:

Phew. Glad that's over.

5th Aug 2009, 00:29

swamprose says:

Phew is right. The dumps sites were sprayed and had all kinds of traps. Now we're wondering if the run off is poison. My street has been collected, and it reeks, even though we had the usual huge rain today.

Good luck in Edinburgh.

5th Aug 2009, 00:39

mtn_hermit says:

Huge rain is right. Was flying back from NB through Toronto and got stuck on the ground, the plane not allowed to go to the gate, for four hours. Missed my connecting flight, so Air Canada has put up Raven & I for the night.

Glad your trash problems are resolved & I wish I was in Toronto longer (and under less frustrating circumstances) so that the boy & I could meet you.

5th Aug 2009, 05:57

Jane Doe says:

Glad things are getting back to normal

5th Aug 2009, 11:45

Puddlepuff says:

I does make you realize how much you throw away.

5th Aug 2009, 11:46

swamprose says:

mtn hermit, you were so close. four hours on the runway? what a pain. safe journey home.

puff, toronto trucks all its garbage to Michigan. So recycling a big deal here. Toronto banned plastic bags, so if you want one, you pay. Next city plan is to ban is coffee cups. Of all the street litter during the strike, coffee cups were the worst.

5th Aug 2009, 14:01

Ooooo... glad it's over. We had a 3 month garbage strike here in 2007 and it stank for months afterwards. It was all of the outdoor workers, so the Kits swimming pool became a murky brown colour and was out of action for the entire summer. The mayor got a large portion of his office staff to hand out parking fines (because the meter maids were on strike too), but didn't bother with the rubbish. It's funny what their priorities are...

5th Aug 2009, 20:09

mtn_hermit says:

Home safe now. Very tired, but glad to be here. My cat was quite happy to see me. :)

5th Aug 2009, 23:15

Jig along says:

You guys play ice hockey on that?

Not enough grass to play normal hockey and not enough ice for that other game.

6th Aug 2009, 14:53

FilbertFox says:

yuck! And once you get rats in the house they do insist on coming back. Or is that husbands, I do get muddled sometimes?

8th Aug 2009, 15:01

itchymoblog says:

Wow, I didn't know. Glad it's over! Hope the smell doesn't linger too long. Sounds like nobody did too well out of it :-/

19th Aug 2009, 12:11

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