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Bamboo ducks

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18th Aug 2009, 20:20   | tags:,,


Twiglet says:

I've got one of these! I got it for Mother's day.

18th Aug 2009, 20:24

JokerXL says:

Nice work!
What would you feed them on? Panda-Pops? Bamboo-shoots?

18th Aug 2009, 20:30

hildegard says:

Woodworms, innit?

18th Aug 2009, 20:32

paintist says:

there is a world of ducks ! ? !

18th Aug 2009, 20:32

minushabens says:

lovely ducks!

18th Aug 2009, 22:20

Caine says:

I like 'em! The top shot is fab.

18th Aug 2009, 22:20

Factotum says:

Some of the ducks seem to be wearing hats.

19th Aug 2009, 01:09

swamprose says:

atta girl. just keep posting the most impossible things people will buy, put in their gardens.

so happy I live across the pond and they can't get here. can they?

edit. they don't ship out of the UK ;)

19th Aug 2009, 03:10

Caine says:

sRose, you can't tell me you couldn't make a spectacular ceramic duck. I know you could, and it would be spectacular because it would be a duck from your perspective. Same goes for Factotum. Hmmmm, perhaps you and Facto could start a garden duck craze...

19th Aug 2009, 03:56

hildegard says:

Glad the World of Ducks has found an appreciative audience. ;)

These are indoor ducks & sorry to disapoint, but the market is already amply supplied with ceramic garden ducks - also geese. There's a gap in the market for turkeys but it's surely no more than a niche...

Canada has some fairly spectacular garden ornamentation of its own - I checked. Faux-ethnic windchimes, those depressing assortments of welded junk that pretend to the status of sculpture & any amount of cement or ceramic woodland creatures. You are not safe, SR, not safe at all...

Facto - of course some have hats, how else could we tell which are the gentleman ducks?

19th Aug 2009, 11:41

itchymoblog says:

I adore these; they had them at the Christmas market and I wanted to buy them all (then set them free) ... lovely.

19th Aug 2009, 12:04

swamprose says:

H, I did research and their website says they do garden things, so I assumed some ducks would be included.

as for Canadian and basically all impulses to add 'things' to a garden, why is it all so consistently so-bad-it-could-be-good? I shall share my own garden 'art' next post.

caine, thanks for the vote of confidence, but I haven't made anything that looked like anything in years. I tried penguins. awful, just awful.

19th Aug 2009, 22:21