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Looking down a speciality.

Teazleicious Diva-cat photos for the lazy at heart.

Now with added kitten.

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Back where he belongs

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Somewhat the worse for wear and no longer in possession of binocular vision but doing very well considering.
21st Aug 2009, 22:32   | tags:,

Caine says:

Aww, sweet boy. I'm so happy to hear that he is back home with you.

21st Aug 2009, 22:35

Puddikat says:

He looks comfortable at least.

21st Aug 2009, 22:38

Twiglet says:

Welcome back Melly xx

21st Aug 2009, 22:50

melly, melly, glad he's back

21st Aug 2009, 22:54

Puddlepuff says:

YeeY, Beau Nidle loves the cats!

Looking good there kitty.

21st Aug 2009, 22:55

hildegard says:

Aw chap, welcome home; you have been in the wars.
Sighs of relief all round & hope his healing up continues apace...

21st Aug 2009, 22:56

OJ says:


21st Aug 2009, 23:21

Viv says:

yes he looks as tho' hes glad to be home - bless

21st Aug 2009, 23:45

Rich says:

Excellentness abounds. Am glad.

22nd Aug 2009, 00:49

nige says:

Glad to hear it.

22nd Aug 2009, 01:41

swamprose says:

melly, welcome home.

22nd Aug 2009, 03:23

Steve says:

Woot, yay!

22nd Aug 2009, 05:01

crickson says:

Very pleased to see him looking well : )

22nd Aug 2009, 15:35

Naz says:

Welcome home Melly! Am really glad he's doing better. Molly and Meggy will gladly welcome him to the optically challenged-cats club x

23rd Aug 2009, 09:18

g_k says:

Welcome home Mr Melly Cat!

So pleased he's doing well.

23rd Aug 2009, 11:18

OJ says:

Thanks all, so kind. He has no idea how many fans he has.

23rd Aug 2009, 20:59

Aw little poppet. Haven't even met him yet and I'm a fan. You should give him his own blog. Or twitter account.

By the way - poor chap's mishap has spurred me on to re-insure mine - it lapsed during personal chaos the other year. Who are you with?

24th Aug 2009, 13:52

OJ says:

We're just with Tesco flower. You should definitely insure yours. I'm on a mission to encourage people to ensure their pets as this whole incident has been eyebrow raising to say the least.

He is a poppet. Still a bit uncoordinated but his cuddling capacity is undiminished.

You will note that he is lying on my chest in these shots, just as he always has done.

24th Aug 2009, 15:18

FilbertFox says:

good to see His Melliness looking so well and happy

29th Aug 2009, 15:41

beth says:

how's he doing now? all mended ?

6th Oct 2009, 10:49

OJ says:

He's doing fantastially well Beth. He's the cat that he always was now - food stealing, jack-in-a-box jumping all over the place, rolling over in the most inconvenient places to demand tummy rubs....

6th Oct 2009, 12:59

beth says:

good! you must be over the moon to have him back :)

6th Oct 2009, 13:36

OJ says:

Yes. And we remind ourselves of that every time we have to tell him off for another Melly-misdemeanour, of which there are many.

6th Oct 2009, 14:13