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There are times when a book should not be judged by the cover. And thinking back on the situation when this photograph was made I realised that it was not only the physical attribute of the man that made me realise he is in fact not a man. He is a gentleman.

I was reminded of this characteristic during an assignment this week. I was driving in a rural area, the kind of place where complete strangers smile and wave. The reaction is honest and open.

I was taking a short cut which turned out to be a dead end, and waved at a man who was pushing a barrow. In hindsight I realise the man was old and the barrow heavy, but he put down the barrow on uneven ground smiling, and waved at this strange person heading down a dead end.

While living in the city has challenges I think that I will stop and smile and wave more.
22nd Aug 2009, 06:21  


nige says:

That's a nice sentiment. Welcome Rogan.

22nd Aug 2009, 11:14

Viv says:

very nice and welcome

22nd Aug 2009, 13:35

Desaparecido says:

Excellent conclusion. (and photo btw)

4th Sep 2009, 10:02

beth says:

yes, a good plan and a great photo - love the wispy curly hairs on his face

4th Sep 2009, 10:23

Caine says:

Wonderful shot, and a good way of thinking and being.

4th Sep 2009, 17:12