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I am Mat

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I done it. It were me. I programmed moblog v1, and I oversaw development of moblog v2. I am account number one. I've been much less active over the last year or so, due to persistent repetitive strain injuries, but that doesn't mean I care less about the site. What it means is I get frustrated that I can't do the work it needs doing on it.

- What kind of stuff are you likely to highlight on moblog?

Things I like. So, nice photos, funny photos, interesting photos - even boring photos with interesting text attached. There's no real criteria in my mind other than "is this something I think other people might like to see"

- Where do you live?

UK. Just outside Norwich. I live with my girlfriend, some other friends, and the best dog in the world

- How long have you had a Moblog?

Five years and nine months. Mine was the first account ever created, unsurprisingly.

- What does Moblog mean to you?

It means a place to journal my life. I'm too lazy to write up text-mode blog posts - if a picture says a thousand words, I've saved writing 2,016,000 words since starting my moblog. That's quite a lot of keyboard time!

It's nice to be able to keep up with friends, both those I made in the flesh, and those from the internets. I like seeing other places, and other people's views on life. The things people choose to take photos of, and how they do so, is usually interesting.

- What is your favourite means of taking photgraphs?

I like to use a camera.

My Nikon D50+18-200mm zoom is my goto setup, but I enjoy a lensbaby on there from time to time, and my phone's camera is now pretty tasty too. I have a Sony Ericsson C905. I like to play with vintage film cameras too - I have quite a collection including some LOVELY old Feds and the classic Lomo LCA. Film is currently a bit pricey for me to tinker with so much, but that's a wagon I entirely plan to remount when I get the chance.

- If you had to draw a moblog family tree, who would you be linked to
and how?

I can do a diagram.

[ me ]
[ the entire rest of the site ]

I'm not account number one for nothing. :)

- What would you most like to happen to moblog in the future?

I would like it to regain further its community focus. We tried to run it as a business, and for whatever reason, that didn't work out so well. Mistakes were made, for which we're sorry. I don't think that there isn't the potential to make money from the site, and I don't rule out doing that (Moblog's business arm, moblogtech ltd, needs to pay off its debts somehow!), but I think the first step to doing that is to let the people who use and love the site the most take more of the helm. After all, you guys know what you want - and if you have that, more people like you will come along and join the site. And that's got to be a good thing.

Posted by mat

27th Aug 2009, 17:39  

Like your answer to moblog family tree

27th Aug 2009, 17:46

540air says:

First account, first on here and almost a first "whole face picture".

Having a camera does tend to come in handy for taking pictures too :)

27th Aug 2009, 17:51

Viv says:

brill - made me want to cry too - we asked for transparency we got it - wow thanks Mat

27th Aug 2009, 17:53

beth says:

that's a great start. I remember your camera collection well in my head actually from the birthday bash.

27th Aug 2009, 18:14

jc1000000 says:

Love the pic mat! It's quite manga somehow, reminds me of Vampire Hunter D (an accolade i;m sure you'll accept)

27th Aug 2009, 19:07

Dhamaka says:

I agree the pic is somehow manga-ish
love the interview and .. Mat....
thank you x

28th Aug 2009, 12:46

nige says:

Numero Uno! A photo of the Wizard of Oz is so rare around these parts that it needs to be up in lights.

Thanks for Moblog, mat.

2nd Sep 2009, 21:04

Twiglet says:

Mat, you look about 15 in that photo!

2nd Sep 2009, 21:07

taniwha says:

Thanks Mat. Rather nice portrait. And thanks for creating something as groovy as Moblog.

2nd Sep 2009, 21:17

nige says:

He did start Moblog when he was 10 though, Twiglet. They don't call him the wunderkind for nothing, ya know.

2nd Sep 2009, 21:30

crickson says:

*waves : )

2nd Sep 2009, 21:54

Mat, welcome on board ;)

2nd Sep 2009, 23:35

swamprose says:

I am swamprose. You made it possible.

3rd Sep 2009, 01:47

paintist says:

you are Mat and we are glad :-)

3rd Sep 2009, 09:43

minushabens says:

hi, mat! :)

3rd Sep 2009, 12:53

Lyzardly says:


Thank you for sharing and thank you for birthing Moblog. :)

3rd Sep 2009, 15:30