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I don't like ham but i'm still a hamster

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New addition to our home. Yo-Yo the Hamster arrived on A's birthday. He needs to livey up himself.
27th Aug 2009, 21:34  

nige says:

Hahaha, ah man that brings back memories of our office hamster.

27th Aug 2009, 22:01

swamprose says:

great. I always wanted them to run a light bulb or something. my kids as well. all that energy...

27th Aug 2009, 22:07

beth says:

yeh, my plan for world domination is set up a gym that sells all the electricity generated from the members to the national grid :)

27th Aug 2009, 22:22

swamprose says:

exactly. if we could harness the email power alone....

27th Aug 2009, 22:30

Anonymous says:

Nige - you had an office hamster?

Beth and Swamprose - well, don't use this one. He's very sleepy.

27th Aug 2009, 22:33

taniwha says:

Oh and anonymous was me

27th Aug 2009, 22:34

beth says:

Maybe he's just nervous. I used to breed hamsters when I was about 13. It got a bit out of hand at one point when I decided to up my breeding rate by buying a second female who turned out to be pregnant when i bought her and had babies one the exact same day as the other female I had at the time. At that point I had around 30 hamsters in my room.

27th Aug 2009, 22:42

cariadus says:

Hope he isn't such a talented escapologist as our was. Had fun and games chasing it all over the house and trying to coax it out from various hidey holes.

27th Aug 2009, 23:08

swamprose says:

I once had about 70 mice. One day they disappeared and my mother said she had given them to 'a good home'. No wonder I turned out the way I did.

27th Aug 2009, 23:58

Caine says:

Aww. Hi Yo-Yo. He's probably just a bit angsty, he'll get used to things. At least he isn't Bruce! I could do with some mellow on that front.

28th Aug 2009, 01:11

Wendle says:

Cuuuuute! Has he filled his pouches full of food yet? :)

28th Aug 2009, 07:21

taniwha says:

He's incredibly cute and a good climber. I think you're right Caine. He is angsty and probably little nervous about it all though we have tried tobe gentle with him.

Beth - 30 hamsters sounds like a lot of fun. It must have made you a pretty dedicated girl. Did you sell the babies on?

SR - 70 mice? I had a few when I was a kid. My mum was phobic and so they went in the shed. One day, I went in to find the cage open and the mice gone. My parents explained that a cat had got them.

28th Aug 2009, 11:41

beth says:

Yeah I sold them on.. they were such happy little hamsters, really placid and soft, people did phone back for more for their friends but I had a horrible moment with a lot of still born/miscarried babies and had to give it up because the trauma was too much.

28th Aug 2009, 21:49

beth says:

Also, hamsters are omnivores. They enjoy salty foods, you can feed them chicken, eggs .. and ham!

28th Aug 2009, 21:55

emperor says:

cute hamster

31st Aug 2009, 11:53

taniwha says:

and sleepy boy. Wake up!

31st Aug 2009, 11:54