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A group distraction, presented by nige.


The first instalment of Interview52 is now complete! It started on Friday 18th July 2008 and finished on 13th September 2009. A little later than expected, but we got there.


52 mobloggers from around the world...

Some familiar, some not...

Each will publish a unique self-portrait, accompanied by a short interview.

Candid portrait meets candid interview.

The Rules

Every Friday the next interviewee in line will publish a new portrait and interview, consisting of their answers to the ten questions they have been given.

After they have published, the interviewee will then become the interviewer. They will be responsible for finding the next participant, as well as compiling the questions that this next person in line will answer. Interviewers can change as many or as few questions as they like, but they should change at least one before passing them on to the next lucky punter.

Thats it! Simple. More detailed instructions will be given to each interviewee as and when they are approached, so fear not.

The interviewees so far









Jig along



Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri








Jane Doe



Spiderbaby / Freakdog




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Strange Little Girl




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Spike: Gypsies, Piss, Tumors, Romance and B*stard Wasps!

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1. Where does this find you ?

Currently sat in my office at work in Newark, which is my home town, my hearts here, my family, my friends and my better, yet taller, other half. As horrible as the place is (on first impression it’s a nice little market town) but there are man many bad things about this place, the influx of gypsies(the bad ones), the very rough crowd around town, but all in all that’s what makes this place home, ive worked many jobs, in and around Newark including a very long stint in a bar in Newark, which held many many memories, good and bad, meeting new people, friends, lovers and seeing (and unfortunately being part of) a fair few bar fights. Although I don’t live in Newark at the moment im moving back there soon, as much as I mock this town, its where my souls core resides.

2. Do you have a favourite place in the world that you have been to or would like to go to ?

Is there one place I would like to go before I die, yes and no, I want to go to many places, my time in Prague and Rome this year have been tremendous, out of the European cities ive been to, these two are definite high rollers for the list. I read a while back about a 6 month volunteer Job in Nepal. Teaching monks English and in return you live with them, live off the land, learn their ways, ive been a fan of Buddhism for many a year, although ive read a few scriptures on different religion, the only one I would want to learn more about and experience first hand is Buddhism. If I had to give one answer to this question it would be Nepal, living in the middle of nowhere at the foot hills of the Himalayas, no one for miles around, just living off the land, exploring and being solitary for a few years, even though no doubt it would turn me into a bit of a mental. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but I also hate people to, a person is a wonderful being, people (collectively) are the downfall of society, although society is only created by people, mindful*k eh?

3. Are you a thinker/worrier or are you more carefree.

I think, I worry, I worry about thinking and I think about worrying, I try to be as carefree as possible, as laid back as I can be but trying to do that is thinking about doing it, and then I worry about thinking about doing it and in turn worry about thinking about being carefree. I have no idea is that’s an answer or not. But there we are!

4. Is there a cause or project you care about and do you want to fill us in on the details?

I would rather not go into this in too much detail, some of you may remember a few years back I had a scare with the brain and the dreaded T word, I got past that, I try not to think about it, I like to think I try to help people but in truth I know I don’t as much as I could, which is a shame and one thing that, with time, will change.

5. How long have you been taking photographs and do you take shots randomly or are you more focused in your subject matter? Do you prefer to use your camera or your
Cam phone ? (Sorry long question there)

That was a long question, the first photo I took that I actually liked the look of was with a small 2Mp VGA camera phone for moblog, move forward a few years I invested in my first digital camera, a Kodak Z740i a 5mp beauty (at the time) and I personally thought it was the cats tw*t. then after winning a moblog competition with that camera I got hold of a Kodak V803, small compact and simple. I’ve had that ever since, and then came a few months back (approx 3) and I finally took the plunge and invested in an SLR (canon EOS 450d to be exact) and I wouldn’t look back, im still learning, still playing, still shooting but hopefully there will be vast improvements.
It all depends on what im taking photos of which determines how I shoot, I don’t consider myself a photographer, I just take photos and anyone can get good shots regardless of the kit you have, someone once said “you wouldn’t compliment a chef on a good meal because of the pans he used”, and this has always stuck in my mind, you can get great results from the most basic of cameras.
I thank moblog for getting me into taking photo’s, and I thank all of the people on moblog for tips/compliments/help
Your all great.

6. 'Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all'. Is this:
a) utter crap and sentimental wish wash ?
b) so utterly heartbreakingly true ?
c) who gives a s... ?
d) is this one of those tests from facebook ?
e) insert your own answer here!.........................................................................

Well, Im currently 25, ever since I was 17 ive been in and out of many relationships and not spent more than 3 months single, ive been in love, ive been out of love, ive been over my head in love and ive been blinded by love. Im currently In love now and I don’t think I would be the person I am now without these loves and losses. Its not a crap sentiment, its not heartbreakingly true, people do give a sh*t, its just matter of fact, for me. If there’s one thing I would want more than anything in the world it would be love, to love and be loved. Call me an old romantic but I believe true love will find you in the end. And coming from a 25yr old it’s strange!

7. Favourite, books, music and films. answer as many as you like, cos I did.

This could take me weeks to answer, and now its making me want to go through ALL of my music/books/movies to find one I want to choose, ill try and summarise a few:
I grew up with a lot of soul, a lot of motown and a lot of folk music, these have all influenced my taste now, being introduced to a lot of music from different people too, One of my all time favourite bands is Pearl Jam, I remember the day I saw the first pearl jam poster, I was 7, at my cousins house in Tal-y-bont, mid Wales, and on his bedroom door was in big letters PEARL JAM. Being 7 and not really knowing much or anyone other than a couple of friends and family I started to listen, the rest is history. They got me through some hard times (see before) and have been company to some great times, Out of all the songs I would say tip top is yellow Ledbetter, it makes no sense, but its just outstanding. Also some artist that I feel deserve mention are David Ford, Rocky Votolato, Devendra Banhart, Beck, Biffy Clyro, bo Diddley, Bright Eyes, Cat power, Distillers, Jeff buckley.. sh*t.. I could go on and on, I’m not going to delve into them though!

Damn, that’s tough, If there is only one book I would want to read over and over again its Lord of The Flies, by William Golding! That is all thankyouplease

I watch a good dozen films a week, so this is SO hard to filter down, if there was one film though I would recommend to anyone it would be “Into the Wild” imdb it! The whole film, the shots, the soundtrack (done mainly by Eddie vedder of pearl jam). Oh I love that film so much

8. Can you say why you prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front ?

Ha-ha this is a good question; I want to give some awesome answer like im part of a witness protection plan from the mafia and will be killed if I have a photo taken of me, but no!
I usually say that I think a camera steals your soul, so ive got a nice collection of peoples souls and mine is almost untouched. The truth… as im sure there’s a lot of people wondering………..ready for it…… I used to be a very fat kid, spotty and generally just an ugly kid, I still see myself in that way which is why I don’t like my photo being taken, and anyway I just like to take photos, I feel uncomfortable now, change subject.. ooooo look.. over there.. in the corner… a crying peanut *runs*

9. Is there someone whom you admire or aspire to and why ?

There’s a lot of people I admire, people ive never met (especially on here), people I know well and people I wish I’d known more but I don’t try to aspire to be like anyone, I recognise talent in people and wish I had the talent of some people but that comes with time and experience, I want to be individual.. like everyone else!

10. Do you have a favourite memory, childhood or otherwise that you would like to share ?

One memory that sticks with me is when I was 4, in a little red car with 2 doors scooting around the park on the estate, I remember seeing a really nice colourful little fly on the plastic red dashboard next to my little tooting horn and speedometer sticker stuck on 35kmph, me being me and 4 went to touch this fly, I probably thought it wanted to be friends and we would have little human/fly adventure…….., then the bas*tard stung me, and kept on stinging me over and over again, I was too young to know wasps were bad, and I remember being stuck in the car with about 4 stings over me, crying to the heavens and wanting to go home and to my nan who would make me a nice Jam sandwich. I couldn’t leave the damn car and I cried so hard I pee’d myself. Now that’s one of my first memories and the reason im petrified of wasps. Ive got a lot of good memories too, along with the bad, But I wouldn’t want to forget any of them, they all make me who I am today, even if it is the memory of me in pain covered in piss in a little red car on a council estate!

Bastard wasps!

And by the way, your all awesome


Posted by Dave (nee Spike)

28th Aug 2009, 08:33  


Spike says:

And thanks to Backwards Lamb for a rare photo of me! Cheers dude!

28th Aug 2009, 08:35

taniwha says:

Thanks Spike. I loved teh story about teh wasp but really appreciate your comments about camera technology. I like shooting with cheap old cameras as much as (or even more than) I like sleet shiny technology. It's kind of liberating.

28th Aug 2009, 08:48

Spike says:

indeed, give me a polariod camera, or the lomo fisheye and im happy. theres just something... nostalgic about it!

28th Aug 2009, 08:53

Anonymous says:

Great read.
The last story made me laugh alot, I can just picture it now

28th Aug 2009, 10:12

Fantastic read and I like the photo too, though it could be anyone as we cant see your face ;p

Liked your answer to question 6. I hate damned wasps too , sat on one as a very small, naked child!!!! I howled too.

28th Aug 2009, 10:48

nige says:

The enigmatic Spike, at last! Good to see that you can remain completely hidden, even in Interview52!

28th Aug 2009, 11:46

Viv says:

great interview Spike

more pieces in my moblog jogsaw :)

aided by great questions SLG

28th Aug 2009, 11:48

nige says:

I'm quite partial to the odd jogsaw myself.

28th Aug 2009, 11:49

Spike says:

its still a picture of me. granted clad in a very flowery shirt and a cowboy hat.

they were indeed great questions, ill have to pen some down for the next one.. oooo to choose a victim

28th Aug 2009, 11:56

billion says:

I'm very fond of the way you capitalized "jam" in the answer to the last question.


28th Aug 2009, 11:57

Spike says:

good to meet you too :)

28th Aug 2009, 12:25

Dhamaka says:

what a fantastic interview Spike
I'm bowled away by it and am pleased and honoured to be able to think of you as a friend

28th Aug 2009, 12:51

Spike says:

Thanks D, thats exceptionally touching and echoed by me!

i did ramble somewhat on some of the questions #3 especially


28th Aug 2009, 12:57

540air says:

Great read and a plenty cool shirt :)

28th Aug 2009, 13:07

swamprose says:

I remember that kodak. Mostly because your photos were so good and I had imagined you had this fancy gear. so yes, it's not the equipment--it's in the eyes and heart...and you have those in spades. great interview--questions, photo and of course, the spike take on things.

28th Aug 2009, 13:22

Spike says:

Cheers swapmrose, i did enjoy that camera. but alas i now have moved up t finally DSLR. joy :)

28th Aug 2009, 13:26

the kodak is a great camera, I still love mine,but like the DSLR too.

28th Aug 2009, 14:00

Dhamaka says:


28th Aug 2009, 14:32

JokerXL says:

Interesting read, thanks for being so open Spike.

As one who has attempted to "steal your soul" I can testify to the fact that it is quite a difficult, nay impossible, task, as my picture of the palm of your hand shows all too clearly.

I'll not be as benevolent to wasps any more, no more gently shooing them out the window, from now on it's out with the rolled-up newspaper and SPLAT!! "That was for Spike you wasp bastard!".

28th Aug 2009, 17:24

queserasara says:

Great interview - It made me roar with laughter. Brilliant questions Lou.


28th Aug 2009, 18:37

beth says:

yeh.. i tried and failed to capture spike too. I don't like to fail.

29th Aug 2009, 01:44

Toddy says:

Nice work dave, hope all is going well

29th Aug 2009, 14:32

Spike says:

Cheers chaps :)

1st Sep 2009, 10:09

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