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\(^ ^ ) My name is Yuba. I'm a 23 year old teacher and freelance translator living in Tokyo, Japan. Sometimes I model. Sometimes I sleep. A lot of the time, I take photos of what I'm about to eat. Yum yum yum!

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Dinner again - this time in Ebisu. Despite my mixed joy and horror at his last choices (see my post with the raw organ meat if you're not sure what I'm talking about) I let the same person order for me again.

It was again with mixed horror and delight that this was what we ended up eating. Nabe is delicious, and I admit I have a not-so-secret tendency to put chili pepper - whether it's in dried, raw, or powdered form - on absolutely everything, but I never thought I'd meet someone who beats me quite so completely on that score!

The bowl is how much was left of the original mountain that was brought out - minus the blanket on top of the first photo, of course.

It was extremely spicy but incredibly delicious. We were all giggling over our tingly mouths afterwards with an edge of some strange, chili-induced hysteria. 8D

What amused me even more was how after I'd insisted upon taking a photo of the food, other people started whipping out their phones to do the same! I get away with it all the time, but sometimes you just have to open the floodgates ;D


Viv says:


think I'd prefer that dish - I like a fair amount of chilli

4th Sep 2009, 10:06