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Raymond Blanc

in Milton Keynes yesterday to cook for the Wolverton and Greenleys community. Food was sourced locally from The Urban Farm Project. The event was staged at Wolverton Museum by Milton Keynes NHS and orchestrated entirely by my superstar friend Angela Rice (nice one Ange!)

I documented the whole event as the sole photographer. Raymond was charming, funny and easily one of the most inspirational people I have had the pleasure to photograph.

At several points I had to do all I could to stop myself from standing around and just listening to him, because his words were so inspirational. So much fun to shoot, especially the kids who really got into the food, especially the crumble!

Huge thanks to Clive for letting me get up close and personal. I almost burned my elbow on the oven at several points!

Caine says:

I've been waiting for these! Raymond Blanc is very big on locally sourced food, and sustainable food. He's a fabulous person through and through.

I love these shots too, Nige.

9th Sep 2009, 18:19

Caine says:

I forgot the important question - did you get to eat?

9th Sep 2009, 18:22

paintist says:

ahhhh thats what I want to know too :-)

he is so enthusiastic......wonderful shots :-0

9th Sep 2009, 18:25

nige says:

Hehe. thanks Caine & p. I was deliberating over my favourite images.

He really was nothing short of amazing, but I was so focused that I didn't get a chance to sample the fare! The dishes looked amazing though, and I think everyone really connected with the fact that the produce was literally grown in the allotments down the road. It was really all about the families and it was great to see how they connected with the man through food. There was quite literally a change in attitude from many of the kids not quite knowing who he was at the beginning, cut to an hour later after they had tasted some wonderful food and they were in the palm of his hand. Really wonderful.

9th Sep 2009, 18:30

Caine says:

Nige! How could you not eat? Tsk.

9th Sep 2009, 18:32

nige says:

You have no idea how close I was to the food too. Blimey, I know...

9th Sep 2009, 18:33

minushabens says:

photographs and food: two of my best passions...

9th Sep 2009, 18:43

MaggieD says:

Brilliant! .... but I have to ask what were the children in pic 4 looking back at?

9th Sep 2009, 18:55

nige says:

Indeed mh ; )

Maggie, I think a plane flew overhead or something. They lost momentary interest in the chef :)

9th Sep 2009, 19:13

nige says:

Le Manoir, t, or one of the brasseries?

9th Sep 2009, 19:16

Wendle says:

Never heard of him! But this all sounds wonderful, and the photos are brill :)

9th Sep 2009, 20:10

Jane Doe says:

Super shots, and what an experience!

9th Sep 2009, 20:23

Kostika says:

There goes my food envy again.

9th Sep 2009, 21:50

Javaboy says:

Lovely passionate shots about food! Love the one with the grabbing hands. That's a classic. And people say kids aren't interested in food. Nice one.

9th Sep 2009, 22:56

Viv says:

hey what a fabulous idea

10th Sep 2009, 00:23

Viv says:

hey what a fabulous idea

10th Sep 2009, 00:23

cariadus says:

What a fantastic thing to do - and the photos are fantastic of course.

My sister used to live next door to Le Manoir - in fact Raymond Blanc bought their house when they moved. I think it's staff quarters or something now.

10th Sep 2009, 01:24

*bows low. Would have loved to have shot something like this.

10th Sep 2009, 08:39

nige says:

Thanks guys, it really was a great morning.

cariadus i'm sure the value must have shot up even more now then!

E_C_P, I think you would have enjoyed it. I have several in b&w; too, which I much prefer, but I kept the original colours for many as some have to go in the local newspaper. I kinda wish they weren't so advanced as to print in colour.

10th Sep 2009, 09:10

billion says:

chap looks like a rather larger than life character with a bucket load of personality to slosh about...

10th Sep 2009, 23:12

Verrang(dfgerteewgssa-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Perfect work!,

11th Oct 2009, 05:55

seaneeboy says:

Smashing stuff.

His Leeds brasserie is splendid :)

11th Oct 2009, 11:03