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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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Tender Troubles

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Returning from work I could hear my daughter sobbing before I even opened the door. She had her school skirt on the kitchen table and was desperately trying to get gum off it. She had probably sat on it at some point during the day... Then she was in my arms absolutely distraught and I'm telling her bollocks to it, it's only bloody gum, I'll get it out later. But I could tell there was something else wrong and I felt sick and panicky inside. What the Hell had happened? Turns out that on the way to school she had seen a poor dead stripey cat in the road and of course the school bus had been unable to swerve and had gone over it too. All day she had fretted and worried about this cat. I said but we often see poor dead squirrels, foxes and hedgehogs. Sometimes even badgers and deers. I know she sobbed, but no one is waiting for them indoors and wondering where they are...

So like me. I can remember seeing a dead cat on my way home from school and sobbing to my mother, white faced and trembling. I didn't realise then that one day I would have to be the strongest person in the world.

Last night she went to her first ever evening party (without us) and had a brilliant time and didn't get home till gone 10. And me? I looked on the internet for how to get gum off clothing and remembered that my Mother was mother to seven...

nige says:

That is such a sweet story.

Stick it in the freezer!

12th Sep 2009, 13:33

Twiglet says:

Oh I did nige and later on did a thing with washing up liquid and salt. But I would like to hear your suggestions for raising for that poor Tabby Cat from the dead....

12th Sep 2009, 13:37

Helen says:

I'm just the same as DD. Finding a dead cat is so upsetting, because you know that their owners don'tknow yet. And there's nothing you can do.

Poor DD. Poor cat.

12th Sep 2009, 13:41

Twiglet says:

I totally agree H. It's an awful thing to happen. And the song in my head?

*And if my time on earth were through
And she must face the world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes*

I <3 Garth Brooks much to the disgust of everyone who knows.. : )

12th Sep 2009, 13:47

Viv says:

In the UK it is not usual for people especially those who live in the country to keep their cats in. There are very few predators and most cats are very road savvy.

12th Sep 2009, 14:40

SLG says:

Lovely that DD is so thoughtful and caring. Great picture of her too :-)

12th Sep 2009, 16:50

Helen says:

There are also fewer diseases that cats are susceptible to too. No rabies. And the ones we do have tend to be avoidable if cats get their regular shots.

I think the cat is currently the nation's favourite pet and the majority of them will have access to the outdoors.

Still, horrible to lose one to cars : (

12th Sep 2009, 17:00

MaggieD says:

That is a sad little story :(
I expect that living in the country now you will come across a lot of road kill, not sure if you ever get used to it though ......
Good to hear there was a happy ending though :) ...... it will be all night parties before you know it ;)

12th Sep 2009, 17:13

Twiglet says:

Thanks for the comments all.

AmF: Sssshhhh! Do you want the music police to get me?!

12th Sep 2009, 18:36

SLG says:

lol at Twiglets comments. They're gonna get you anyway!

12th Sep 2009, 18:39

Twiglet says:

Oh so clever AmF! Loved the police though and still love Sting.

12th Sep 2009, 20:30

shitake says:

Poor DD!! ..Sorry,but I don't know if this is good idea to take photo of her, when she is so sad ..

12th Sep 2009, 21:11

Twiglet says:

Thanks shitake. This wasn't her unhappy, this was yesterday. We had been in town and in the chemist she tried on a bright (BRIGHT!) red lipstick. I took a photo but her lips looked so awful I turned it balck and white. : ) If you look at her mouth you can see it.

13th Sep 2009, 09:09

What a lovely story, something she'll remember for ever, how you were strong for her.

14th Sep 2009, 01:01

Twiglet says:

I hope so Marty : )

Thanks x

14th Sep 2009, 09:30