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A group distraction, presented by nige.


The first instalment of Interview52 is now complete! It started on Friday 18th July 2008 and finished on 13th September 2009. A little later than expected, but we got there.


52 mobloggers from around the world...

Some familiar, some not...

Each will publish a unique self-portrait, accompanied by a short interview.

Candid portrait meets candid interview.

The Rules

Every Friday the next interviewee in line will publish a new portrait and interview, consisting of their answers to the ten questions they have been given.

After they have published, the interviewee will then become the interviewer. They will be responsible for finding the next participant, as well as compiling the questions that this next person in line will answer. Interviewers can change as many or as few questions as they like, but they should change at least one before passing them on to the next lucky punter.

Thats it! Simple. More detailed instructions will be given to each interviewee as and when they are approached, so fear not.

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1. Where does this find you ?

This message finds me at home on a windy day in Newark enjoying an afternoon off work due to having my hours reduced. (See question 9). This is the town I was born, schooled and am now working in. Having never left to go to university I have never felt the need to move away as I have my family and a great bunch of friends in the area and even those friends that have moved away still return regularly.

2. Your quite new to Moblog, how are you finding it so far?

I’m very new to Moblog as a poster but have used it for around a year to view other people photos. I find the site easy to use and have loved the comments made on photos I have blogged. Its really nice to know other people enjoy viewing photos which I like and have enjoyed taking.

3. 10 Years time, where will you be, or do you not look that far ahead?

I don’t feel I can really look this far ahead as thing around move far to fast and being young and single I like to let opportunities lead me. The only long term things I can consider are owning a house and watching my niece grow up. Other than them I’m along for the ride.

4. One Place, over any, where would it be and why?

Not easy as I am lucky enough to have traveled to a fair few places around the world but I guess it would really have to Chamonix - Mont Blanc, France (I’m writing this a week early due to holidays and I’m guessing Toddy may have put the same last week as we traveled there together last summer and know he is a fan. I could be wrong though or maybe this is a question he added to lead me to this answer).

I have been back 4 times now since I first went in 2002 and theses trips have been in both summer and winter for both weeks and weekends.

Part of the reason why I love the place so much, is that being a keen snowboarder and mountain biker you have some of the best terrain in the world to play in, and it is only an hour out of Geneva which in turn is only an hour and half flight from home. Being a bit of an adrenalin junkie you also have the opportunity to rock climb (which between my own and toddy’s blog you may see we do a fair bit of),paraglide, as well as so many other activities.

The other part of the reason is that unlike virtually every other mountain resort I have been to it is town first resort second which gives it a very unique atmosphere.

As for photography, the valley in which it is set is also one of the most picturesque places I have ever been and with so much going on you would never left without something new to photograph.

5. Your enthusiastic about your outdoor hobbies, do you have any you prefer over the rest
and why?

I am indeed. Working In an office I love to get outdoors whenever possible.

I have been into mountain biking for years and can never see myself not enjoying it but recently I have not been out as much as I would like due to other things becoming my main hobbies. I have been a member of my local Duke of Edinburgh award centre since the age of 14, and having been through my awards with them I continue to help them out. This mean I spend many weekends a year in the peak national park and this in turn means I get chance to rock climb a lot more than I ever did before. This has also been helped by a few friends taking up the sport meaning i can usually find a partner.

6. The usual film/book/music question.
If you could only choose one of each, which would it be?

Film: The Italian job – Brilliant story and I love cars.

Book: Karl Bushby Giant steps – a story of a man walking around the world from the southern tip of south America all the way back to the UK and adventures he has on route.

Music :2 Many DJ's - As Heard On Radio Soulwax Vol. 2
quite specific but Perfect for a party or just to chillout to.

7. Do you look up to anyone, have any idols or anyone you aspire to be?

I don’t have and idols but I have people I admire.
I admire people who go further than they ever need to and push boundaries (Be it the own personnel or human) people like Ranulph Fiennes, Lance Armstrong and Edmund Hillary.
As for aspiring to be someone I can only be myself and as long as I make the most of the opportunities I am given or make for myself then I am happy.

8. You still have most of your friends from school, how has this helped you?
How has the dynamic of your friend group changed in the past 6 years?

This has helped me by meaning I never have to be on my own and always have someone to inspire me or share thoughts with. I truly belive that I couldn’t replace these friend or fall out with them as I have grown up with them, trust them and have shared far to many experience with them.

Over the last 6 years although we might not see everyone as much as when we were at school I feel we are in a way closer as you do not take seeing them for granted like at school when we were together everyday. Although we have all grow up as we have needed to, I never feel like I have to act my age around them or question myself before I say something. I think this shows a great understanding of each other and a true friendship.

9. You've come close losing you job recently as have a lot of people.
Has this made you change your priorities/outlook at all?

This is true and although I was worried I have been thought is before and know the process which definitely help. Having no real long term commitments also helped me a lot as I did not have the worries of others around me who families to support and mortgages to pay.

To reduce the risk of redundancy we also took a 10% hours cut. Although it hits the packet I am making the most of it as it gives me time to write this or go out and do something I enjoy that I would never normally find time to do.

Trying to turn it into a positive if I had been/ am in the future I will look into traveling and doing a few things that I would love to do but would find it hard to find the time to such and the coast to coast walk.

So to answer the question I don’t think it has changed anything, just made me think of a plan to help me make the most of a bad situation if it did ever happen.

10. One favorite memory of you life so far, explain as much or as little as you want?

Cutting into the off piste on my snowboard linking a few perfect turns between trees and then rejoining the piste. If you’ve ever done it you’ll know the feeling. If not go learn and you won’t regret it.

Posted by Damage

13th Sep 2009, 10:06  


Craft says:

Loving your enthusiasm.

13th Sep 2009, 10:13

Dhamaka says:

a great interview, Damage. It's good to have you on moblog. Making the most out of every situation is a great thing to do and to have such good friends is a blessing indeed

*moves chamonix up the list..

13th Sep 2009, 10:14

Toddy says:

Perfect Danny, exactly the reason I like hanging out with you so much.

All the knowledge but none of the questions.

13th Sep 2009, 10:26

nige says:

Nice interview. Hope to see you in Cham sometime. Congrats on being the 52nd interview ; )

13th Sep 2009, 15:06

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