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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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More from the allotment of someone who grows more than they can use...

Is there anything as great as a vegetable that has grown in to a rude and amusing shape?

Edit: One of the contributors to this thread contacted me via the contact button to object to a comment I made on my moblog. Sorry I did not reply but I am very particular about giving out my email address.
16th Sep 2009, 14:28   | tags:,

Puddlepuff says:


16th Sep 2009, 14:32

Twiglet says:

Am I going to regret asking what VTD is?

16th Sep 2009, 14:34

Puddlepuff says:

Vegetable Transmitted Disease,....

16th Sep 2009, 14:56

Orbit says:

rude vegetable indeed, snicker!

16th Sep 2009, 15:06

taniwha says:

They serve 'em like that in hell.

16th Sep 2009, 15:07

Twiglet says:

Yes, I knew I would regret asking... : D

16th Sep 2009, 15:40

Wendle says:

Kind of looks like a hand to me... a hand with penis like fingers, but a hand nonetheless.

16th Sep 2009, 16:34

Twiglet says:

Don't think I don't know that you're just jealous of my mutant vegetables AmF...

16th Sep 2009, 16:35

Twiglet says:

Wendle! For goodness sake! Black mark for unauthorised use of the word penis on a Wednesday.... Bad show!

16th Sep 2009, 16:39

Twiglet says:

Jealousy is not pretty AmF, especially not ... VEGETABLE ENVY!

16th Sep 2009, 17:09

Wendle says:

What's wrong with the word penis? :D

16th Sep 2009, 17:25

Twiglet says:

AmF: : )

Wendle: Nothings wrong with the word penis, it's just not Wednesday's word for it. On Wednesday we say dick, surely you know that. You young people these days, my goodness.... *Tuts and shakes head

You knew that didn't you AmF?

16th Sep 2009, 17:29

CandyMan says:

Definitely dick on a wednesday.

16th Sep 2009, 17:31

Wendle says:

But i like alliteration. I think Wednesday's word for penis should be whang.

16th Sep 2009, 17:33

Twiglet says:

As you wish Wendle but don't be surprised if you're rejected by polite society.. Some things are still considered sacred you know..

Thank you CM

16th Sep 2009, 17:36

Twiglet says:

Yes my dear. I often wish for daily dick but I can't really complain, especially on a Saturday when it's cock.

16th Sep 2009, 17:44

CandyMan says:

Saturday shaft surely... Or is that Sunday?

16th Sep 2009, 17:48

Craft says:

AmF: Only if you say grace first..

CandyMan: Have we met?

16th Sep 2009, 18:05

Craft says:

For what we are about to receive.... : D

16th Sep 2009, 18:18

Wendle says:

Are there any other rules and regulations regarding genetalia that i should know about?

16th Sep 2009, 19:19

Twiglet says:

Well, when referring to something as *penis like* it should actually look like a penis.....


16th Sep 2009, 19:29

MaggieD says:


Monday is members’ day,
Tuesday’s tumescence,
Wednesday is whipping
Thursday thrustings (are the essence) …

Friday is frolicking,
Saturdays is shagging,
Sundays is S and M,
Craft, I hope you are not flagging ….

16th Sep 2009, 19:53

Twiglet says:

Wish we could come to dinner George.

Craft's not flagging Maggie but it does rhyme with that...

16th Sep 2009, 20:00

Wendle says:

Thank you Maggie, you're awesome! :)

17th Sep 2009, 11:31