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A great advert for private schools (not)

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If you have enough money to send your children to a private school (and there's a whole debate on its own of course - can you guess my opinion?) you might want to think again after seeing the glossy spread in this week's Stratford Midweek Herald. Count the mistakes. How many can you see?
29th Sep 2009, 19:53   | tags:,,,,


540air says:

"What have you chosen the exam boars that you have?"


29th Sep 2009, 22:31

Caine says:

School leavers? Is something wrong with the word graduates now?

Fore? Methinks not.

"What have you chosen the exam boars that you have?" Oi. Complete FAIL.

29th Sep 2009, 22:48

swamprose says:

wonderful. that ought to impress parents.

29th Sep 2009, 22:50

Factotum says:

I'm so depressed.

29th Sep 2009, 22:52

swamprose says:

why? you had the student, Tim, who wanted 'world peas'. this will be useful to deter anyone who can spell from the private schools in the UK.

29th Sep 2009, 22:57

Caine says:

Tsk. It's not 'world peas', it's 'whirled peas'.

29th Sep 2009, 23:05

OJ says:

A ha ha ha...

I did a little snort at the "exam boars". I always found them particularly scary.

29th Sep 2009, 23:14

OJ says:

ps. Caine, a pedant comments that "school leavers" was one of the few correct bits in this article.

In UK English, a graduate is someone completing a university course of study. You don't graduate from school at age 16 or 18, though you do (hopefully!) gain qualifications.

29th Sep 2009, 23:16

Caine says:

Ah! Thanks, OJ. That sounds peculiar in American. :)

29th Sep 2009, 23:20

kevinmulryne says:

Wow...this has struck a chord! Thanks for the discussion guys! Epic FAIL, is it not?

30th Sep 2009, 08:05

Viv says:

It certainly is! Even worse than listening to football commentators and they make me want to tear my hair out!

3rd Dec 2009, 13:44

billion says:

hmm... curriculums? curricula? curriculae?

3rd Dec 2009, 13:53