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\(^ ^ ) My name is Yuba. I'm a 23 year old teacher and freelance translator living in Tokyo, Japan. Sometimes I model. Sometimes I sleep. A lot of the time, I take photos of what I'm about to eat. Yum yum yum!

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A story of deliciousness and undeliciousness.

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Today it was raining, and for various reasons I had the day off work and decided to make a trip to the store. It wasn't raining too badly - enough to dew up the leaves, as you can see. It was quite nice to get out in it.

On the way I mistakenly bought the drink you see in picture number two. Having not had my morning coffee, I was on the lookout for some. I picked up this caramel au lait thinking that perhaps it had coffee in it. Should have looked at the label closer, really, but I had my mind on other things. Turns out that what it proclaims at the bottom - caramel, salt and butter - was entirely true. That's exactly what it tasted like. Delicious, perhaps, if it were hard-boiled candy. NOT delicious as a drink. I had two sips and felt sick, so I threw it away. :(

A couple of days ago, one of my friends took me out to this delicious all-you-can-eat nabe restaurant. "Nabe" means "pot" in Japanese, and a nabe meal usually consists of meat, vegetables or fish (or all of the above) boiled in soup in a pot. It's yummy. We had shabu-shabu at the restaurant rather than nabe (see pictures three and four - you can even see my friend and her beer in one of them ;D) but my craving for nabe hasn't diminished lately...

I decided after my caramel failure to buy myself the nabe set I have long wanted. It didn't set me back very much at all, and now I am sitting here greatly looking forward to when the day gets long enough for me to start making dinner!!

Photos 6 and 7 are from the safety warnings I got with my nabe set. Photo 6 is there to illustrate how you shouldn't throw gas canisters away while there's still gas left in them - I really just am always amused that the Japanese seem to think that the sound an explosion makes is "BOMB!". Photo 7 just astounded me. Is there really anyone stupid enough out there to put logs on top of a gas burner, as in the top right image? Perhaps there is, or there wouldn't be a warning against doing it. One of the other illustrations that I didn't take a photo of showed a woman spraying her hairdo right over the top of the gas burner. Classic.

I'll try not to blow myself up during dinner.