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Mmmm blackberries and blueberries (and, admittedly, banana). My very
favourite innocent is the one with blackcurrants and fancy cherries. I
found a good game to play with my empty bottle on the train -- if you
turn it on its head it will wobble, but not quite fall over (just like
a weeble) -- if the train is going steadily enough. I think the little
blue mat helped. You do have to make sure the top is screwed on in the
right position, otherwise the game just doesn't work and it topples
over. I don't know what the suited guy opposite made of me, but he did
choose to sit there.

Shame I can't take video clips on my phone.
31st Aug 2005, 10:51   | tags:,,

Joe says:

what you need is a new phone...wanna buy one? :D

31st Aug 2005, 10:56

chris says:

"Moblog.co.uk is bought to you by innocent smoothies."

"5 a day the creative commies way"

31st Aug 2005, 10:57

Geodyne, not logged in says:

Hey Joe, I could be in the market...

31st Aug 2005, 10:59

Helen says:

I just got myself a regular (albeit casual) job. I might get a fancy contract. And a moblog subscription. If it goes ok.

31st Aug 2005, 11:00

Joe says:

Geodyne, depending on what Shoes decides it'll either be a SE S700 or a Nokia 6600 (which really isn't that good a camera)...but I'll talk to her and let you know

--this message is sponsored by Innocent Smoothies--

31st Aug 2005, 11:07

Geodyne, not logged in says:

Joe - do that, please.

I'm not around until November anyway, so there's plenty of time.

31st Aug 2005, 12:41

stalker mum says:

Beth booked the van - you took the job and i find out here - there are reasons for being a stalker mum!
When do you start?

31st Aug 2005, 15:22

Helen says:

I have tried to ring you a couple of times... but all I got what "BT Answer, blah, blah". So I tried!

I start either this week or next week.

The thought of another temping assignment was getting me down.

31st Aug 2005, 15:24

beth atwork says:

and i've been at work!!!!

31st Aug 2005, 15:25

Helen says:

I think she was only getting at me.

31st Aug 2005, 15:26

Helen says:

Oh, maybe not.

Moblog. Parental information tool.

31st Aug 2005, 15:26

mat says:

Helen - there is always the movie moments competition, and we've got another competition about to start that was actually inspired by a photo of yours...

31st Aug 2005, 15:27

Helen says:

I might have to try harder with the movie moments.

And wow, now I feel like an 'ideas person'...

I'm quite intrigued : )

31st Aug 2005, 15:30

stalker mum says:

Only been on line 50 mins - and could have emailed or I have a mobile somewhere....
Yes think the knowing where you are bit is important. Hope you booked you hol! Sure it will be fine - should take a bit of the stress out of life. Going to do some work now X

31st Aug 2005, 15:43

Helen says:

I thought it was best to tell you on the phone.

I mentioned the holiday. Yes.

31st Aug 2005, 15:46

Steve says:

Mat is it a crazy cat lady competition?

31st Aug 2005, 21:04

Helen says:

OK, just for the record I have just tried to call my mum on the landline and her mobile and both are engaged! What are my parents up to? They never use the phone.

31st Aug 2005, 21:28

McN says:

Helen, Regular job? Contract??Well done.

31st Aug 2005, 21:42

Helen says:

Ah, they are a single phone line household now. I remember.

I'll be employed on a casual basis (that means they can employ me straight away rather than going through four months of faffing) for about a year (five week's notice) at the Department for Constitutional Affairs. So I should be able to pay the rent. They'll also understand if something else comes along and hopefully appreciate someone who is pretty accurate during my time there.

Well, it sounds good. I wasn't relishing the prospect of yet another temping assignment... it was filling me with a feeling of gloom and this will be nice and regular (and with people I know). Hopefully I'll get myself enrolled on a printmaking course, which should help to keep me happy. And there's voluntary work.

31st Aug 2005, 22:07

Steve says:

On a train?

1st Sep 2005, 00:47

Helen says:

No, I keep business men with strange suit/tie combinations around my house all the time. I suppose it could be Loz.

1st Sep 2005, 00:50

Steve says:

it's the plastic coffee cup, only trains do that sort..... I am a bit of a train cup spotter

1st Sep 2005, 00:52

Helen says:

The green is decaff and the black has lots of caffeine.

Diet coke, decaff coffee... what kind of man is that?

1st Sep 2005, 00:55

Steve says:

The tie say's enough!

1st Sep 2005, 01:01

Helen says:

He was quite cute. He didn't even have a laptop.

1st Sep 2005, 01:02

Steve says:

Cute men can own laptops too you know!

1st Sep 2005, 01:03

Helen says:

Oh, I didn't know that.

1st Sep 2005, 01:07

Steve says:

Now you do :)


1st Sep 2005, 01:16

Helen says:


1st Sep 2005, 01:19

Steve says:

nighty, book, bell, and candle?

1st Sep 2005, 01:22

Helen says:


1st Sep 2005, 01:25

Steve says:

not sure myself, I may have been asleep at this point

1st Sep 2005, 09:04

Helen says:


1st Sep 2005, 09:36