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BFPO under threat!

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I've been asked to pass this on.
If you are a British citizen, resident or Expat please visit the website and sign in.

Thank you.

Though we all understand that defence cuts are to be made, this is an
area which affects the families in particular. The BFPO system is the
mechanism whereby post is received by our serving soldiers and their
families abroad at a postal address recognised as being part of this
country, no matter where in the world they are serving, even in war
Amongst other things this disenfranchises them if they are postal v
others; some credit card providers will not send cards abroad (M&S; for
example) whereas they will to a BFPO address; it may affect their
ability to let their house whilst posted abroad, or away from home; it
may take away their tax advantages such as being able to have an ISA20
whilst posted abroad. It will affect Open University students who have
a BFPO address as they will be charged higher fees; it will potentially
effect children of serving soldiers when they go to University, as they
may not be eligible for student loans/fees to be paid, and will be
charged higher fees as they live abroad. They will also be charged
different rates for subscriptions etc as they will now have to come via
local mail, and not the UK mail.
Thanks for supporting our soldiers and their families in this way.
Please click on this link if you would like to sign the

I hope you will be able to join this campaign


Viscount De L'Isle MBE DL

2nd Oct 2009, 13:55  


Viv says:

will do

2nd Oct 2009, 19:18

Dhamaka NLI says:


2nd Oct 2009, 19:53

Caine says:

I wish I could sign. Best of luck with this!

3rd Oct 2009, 05:18

Contessa Mandy says:

I would sign but the Viscount & I had nasty words over elevenses cocktails yesterday afternoon. So I can't.

3rd Oct 2009, 05:58

JokerXL says:

Thanks guys, and tnx for highlighting this.

The Viscount & I don't correspond on that regular a basis but when he says "jump" I say "how high Sir?"

3rd Oct 2009, 09:00

Viv says:


3rd Oct 2009, 13:53

Jxl nli says:

Top of the list of popular Nr10 petitions is;

" We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to…"

"Resign" (71,000 plus votes)

3rd Oct 2009, 14:13

Spiderbaby says:

(the BFPO one, that is).

3rd Oct 2009, 15:42

frog51 says:

done - but was sorely tempted to sign up to the resignation petition

13th Dec 2009, 11:21

hildegard says:

Oh my giddy aunt. Who drafts these proposals - kindergarteners?

13th Dec 2009, 13:08